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Descendants of Frances Marie TOWNSEND

Through a stroke of luck, I found a possible marriage for Frances Marie, followed the details, and came up with a story and descendants. I will add more detail as I discover it.

Frances Marie Townsend
married Dr George William Frederic Paul, son of George William Paul and Emily Parkins, on 27 December 1905 at St Kilda, Victoria. Dr George William Frederic Paul was born on 1 March 1864 at 'Joy cottage', Sandal Magna, Yorkshire, England. Frances Marie Townsend and Dr George William Frederic Paul were registered at 826 Vulture Street (Cnr Vulture & Main Sts), Kangaroo Point, Queensland, on the electoral rolls dated 1913, 1919, & 1925. Frances Marie Townsend is registered at 826 Vulture Street (Cnr Vulture & Main Sts), Kangaroo Point, on the electoral roll dated 1937. She is also registered that year at “Ilford”, Amarina Avenue, Ashgrove along with William Noel Paul and Hilma Brazier Paul. In 1943, she is back in Sandgate at “Ilford”, Sunday Street, but is also registered at Drayton Street, Nanango. She is living in Nanango with William Noel and Hilma at Drayton Street in 1949. She then moves to Sydney, and we find her at 10 Waratah Street, Darlinghurst in 1954.

Frances died on 20 September 1962 at the Eventide Home, Sandgate. She was buried at Toowong Cemetery. Frances Marie Paul died 20 Sep 1962 aged 86. She is buried with her husband, father in law and her son. The death registration for Frances Marie Paul confirms that she was the daughter of William Townsend and Elizabeth Thomas.

George died at sea on 19 March 1937 aged 73. It was near Fremantle. There is a memorial inscription at Toowong Cemetery with his father, wife and youngest son.

  1. William Noel Paul b. 27 December 1900 at Prahran, Victoria, d.?
  2. Emily Gwendoline Elizabeth Paul b. 23 October 1906 at Cobar, NSW, d.?
  3. Frederic Charles Paul b. 24 June 1917 at Vulture Street, South Brisbane, d. 25 June 1917.

Dr George William Frederic Paul had previously married Margaret Smith on 21 June 1886 at Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland, England. George was widowed on 4 May 1905 at Molong, New South Wales. (It is interesting to note that Dr. Paul and Margaret (or Marguerite) lived in Kate Street, Sandgate for some time, and their children were all born there. More details follow below.)

William Noel Paul was also known as Townsend in some records. He was born on 27 December 1900 at Armadale or Prahran, Victoria. He attended Cobar School, Sydney & Brisbane Grammar Schools - he later became a Chemist/Pharmacist and practiced in NSW and QLD, at Weston, NSW, and Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.
William Noel Paul married (1) Pauline Marlan on 22 May 1926 at Waverley district, New South Wales. The 1930 electoral roll has them living at Kline Street, Weston, NSW.

William Noel Paul married (2) Hilma Brazier du Rietz in 1935 at Brisbane, Queensland. The 1936 electoral roll has them living in Sunday Street, Sandgate. In 1937 this couple is registered on the electoral roll at “Ilford”, Amarina Avenue, Ashgrove. William Noel and Hilma are at Drayton Street in 1943 and they continue to live at that address until at least 1954.

Children of Dr George William Frederic Paul’s First Marriage
George was a doctor. MRCS, Eng 1885, LRCP, London 1886, MD Brussels 1886; MOH City of Brisbane since 1927; member British Medical Association; served Kangaroo Point Military Hospital 1914-18. The children of his first marriage were:
  • Frederic Horace Paul b. 26 Feb 1889 at Sandgate, d. 26 Oct 1890 at Sandgate. Buried in Toowong cemetery.
  • George Francis Paul b. 12 May 1891 at Kate Street, Sandgate, d. 18 Apr 1916 at Sohag, Egypt, aged 24, of smallpox at Sohag Government Hospital, Egypt, aged 24, and was buried the next day in the Coptic Cemetery 5 miles from Sohag. He enlisted on 21 August 1914, in Brisbane and was on his way to out of Gallipoli when he fell ill.
  • Arthur James Paul b. 18 Jul 1892 at Kate Street, Sandgate, d. 14 May 1932 at Manly, NSW.  Arthur enlisted in 1915 and, like his younger brother, served in the Pay Corps in France. The electoral rolls show what appears to be a number of people by this name. His 1930 address is 31 Golf Parade, Manly, occupation clerk.
  • Claude Turner Paul b. 10 Aug 1894 at Sandgate, d. 30 Apr 1964 in Brisbane. Claude enlisted in 1915, and served in the Pay Corps in the Middle East, France, and England.

Claude Turner Paul married Beatrice Margaret Perman on 7 January 1919 at St John's, Putney, Middlesex, England. A certified extract of their marriage certificate can be found in his war service records. The 1919 electoral roll shows him at Shorncliffe, a clerk. 1925 places him and Beatrice Margaret at Sunday Street, Shorncliffe, clerk. They lived at Aplin Street, Stanthorpe, Queensland, 1930. In 1943, he is a battery manufacturer living at Hardgrave Road, West End. 1949 has them at Durham Court, New Farm (as well as the West End address) and Claude is again a clerk. In 1954, they are back at 129 Hardgrave Road, West End, still a clerk.

  • Frederick George Turner Paul b. 24 Jul 1920, d. 28 Aug 1996 at Sandgate.
Frederick George Turner Paul married (1) Vivian Mae Gardner on 25 October 1943 at Bundaberg, Queensland.  
Frederick George Turner Paul married (2) Ailsa Daphne Williamson on 2 August 1948 at Brisbane, QLD.

Frederic George Paul and Ailsa Daphne are at 129 Hardgrave Road, West End in 1949 at the same address as Claude (clerk) and Beatrice Margaret. 1954 sees them at 31 Dunbar Avenue, Morwell, Victoria, and Frederic George is in the RAAF.

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William Townsend in Queensland

We are lucky that Captain Townsend's time in Queensland, from arrival in 1866 to death in 1893, is neatly covered by the pages of the "Brisbane Courier". We are also fortunate that his landholdings were prominent enough to be used as landmarks in reports and real estate advertisements.

It appears that, apart from purchasing the land and buildings associated with what was then (and was later to be, to this day) the Brighton Hotel just north of Sandgate, he obtained a considerable parcel of land on the flood plain of the Caboolture River somewhere near what is now the Captain Whish Bridge and the town of Caboolture. We find him mentioned in reports of the activities of the Acclimatisation Society. Then, in 1872, he is active in promoting the establishment of the Queensland National Bank Limited, nominating as a director but eventually becoming one of the Auditors.

In 1873, he is appointed a member of the Marine Board, in the absence of Mr Raff, a post he resigned in November 1875. He is also, by that time, Justice of the Peace acting as a Magistrate. Also in that year, William Townsend is the treasurer of a committee seeking to establish a primary school at Sandgate. In 1875, we find a report that Captain Townsend is resigning from the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce for reasons of ill health. However, he was well enough in April of that year to be presenting a petition to the Colonial Treasurer in support of the construction of a wharf or jetty at Sandgate.

1876 sees William relinquishing his magisterial post in the Commission of Peace. He also begins to sell off the land associated with his Brighton residence, and then the residence itself. All then goes quiet until 1880, when we find Mr Townsend donating a lamp to the new Anglican Church in Sandgate, and nominating for a position of Councillor for the Borough of Sandgate. Not long after that, there is little mention of his name, so we must assume that this is when his increasing blindness began to constrain his public activities.

(When I have selected the appropriate newspaper clippings, I will continue and expand this sory.)

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The Voyage of the "Netherby"

For a start, let's list some of the more informative internet resources concerning the voyage and wreck of the "Netherby". is an excellent site, giving personal accounts of events, and includes many other details. In particular, the passengers' letter of thanks to the captain, with a long list of signatories including those of interest to us:
Thomas. E. (Elizabeth Salmon Thomas)
Townsend, E.J (Edwin James Townsend)
Townsend, G.R (George Robert Townsend)
Townsend, M.C (Mary Catherine Townsend)
Townsend, T.R (Transcription error - Isabella Rachel Townsend)
Townsend, Wm. (William Townsend)
Victor Louis Townsend, at 10 years of age the youngest of the Townsend group, was probably considered too young to sign. shows an artist's impression of the wreck, and a map of King Island with the wreck site.

There is much more on the internet, but usually giving less detail than these. Now for the newspaper clippings. The wreck of the "Netherby" was the big story of July and August 1866 in the "Argus" and, to a lesser extent, the "Sydney Morning Herald" and the "Brisbane Courier". After looking at the vast number of stories available at the National Library's Digital Newspapers on-line collection of newspapers, I've decided that the "human interest" stories might be better here, rather than the large reports on the circumstances of the wreck itself. The main reason is that the longer reports require a lot of fiddling about to get the images into a form that could be uploaded to the blog, but also because much of the reporting is repetitive. Readers who wish to know more can visit the site, search for "Netherby" and filter the results by "1860-1869", "1866", and "July" or "August".

So, here are the clippings I selected, starting from reports of the imminent departure of the "Netherby" from England, and finishing on 10 August 1866 with a letter from some of the newly arrived immigrants in Brisbane.

I find it amazing that, for the era and the distances involved, the Colonial Governments and the various communities were able to act in such a timely fashion that all the immigrants were able to be settled, in some fashion or other, in less than a month after the wreck. Remember, much of that time was spent awaiting rescue from King Island.

(For better viewing of any image, click on the image or, better, right click and open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser.)

Brisbane Courier, 20 April 1866.

Sydney Morning Herald, 18 June 1866.

Brisbane Courier, 24 July 1866

Sydney Morning Herald, 24 July 1866

Argus, 24 July 1866.

Letter, Argus, 25 July 1866

Argus, 25 July 1866

Argus, 25 July 1866

Argus, 25 July 1866

Brisbane Courier, 26 July 1866

Argus, 27 July 1866

Sydney Morning Herald, 31 July 1866.

Townsend group arrival, Brisbane Courier, 7 August 1866.

Letter, Brisbane Courier, 10 August 1866.

We should also note here that Captain Townsend was one of the co-editors of the "Netherby Gazette", the first published account of the voyage and stranding.

Descendants of Charles Thomas Townsend

Charles Thomas Townsend In 1900, he married Gladys Mary Johnson, (?-1950) daughter of Sydney Newman Johnson and Emma Lewis. They had at least six children, two of whom (twins) died at birth. The 1913 and 1919 Electoral Rolls have Charles Thomas, assayer, and Gladys Mary living at Wickham Street, Gympie.

  • William Lewis Charles Townsend (1901-1955)
  • Phyllis Gwendolen Townsend (1903-1903)
  • John Graham Townsend (1903-1903)
  • Francis Sydney Townsend (1904-1960)
  • Edmund Ernest Townsend (1911-1950)
  • Gwenneth Marie Townsend (1913-after 1954)
  1. William Lewis Charles Townsend was born in 1901, and died on 28th February 1955 at Petersham, New South Wales. His ashes were scattered at Botany Bay.


    He married Doris Louisa Waraker in 1926. Doris was born in 1894, the daughter of Ernest Moreton Waraker and Jessie Wilson. He had at least one son, Andrew Frank, born after 1933 and died in 1940 in Annandale, New South Wales; Andrew Frank was the son of William and Brewa Haly. Brewa was the daughter of Frank HALY and Florence L ROWE, who were married in Sydney in 1906

    The 1925 Electoral Roll has him living at Shaw Hill, 291 Vulture Street, with the occupation of journalist. In 1930 and 1933, he was living at 16 Orwell Street, Darlinghurst, with no other person with the Townsend surname registered at the same address. 1936 and 1937 sees him residing, with Brewa Townsend, at 30 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. By 1943, he and Brewa are living at 272 Old South Head Road, Vaucluse, where they are also registered in 1949 and 1954. In 1954, they are also joined by Gwenneth Marie Townsend, occupation nursing sister.
  2. Francis Sydney Townsend was born on 3rd August 1904, in Charters Towers. He enlisted in the army in Gympie in 1941, and was discharged from service in 1948. The electoral rolls for 1936, 1937, 1943 and 1949 show him living at Amamoor, Kilkivan, occupation farmer. It would appear that Francis never married.
  3. Edmund Ernest Townsend. The electoral rolls for 1936 and 1937 show him living at Amamoor, Kilkivan with his mother, described as fruit growers. In 1943, he is at Kandanga, a mechanic. In 1949, he is still at Kandanga, working as a mechanic. Clare, Elizabeth Crichton and Noel Sinclair Townsend, dairy farmer, are also registered at the same location. In 1954, we find him at 8 Manning street, South Brisbane, working as an ironworker. It would appear that Edmund never married.
  4. Gwenneth Marie Townsend. The electoral rolls for 1936 and 1937 have Gwenneth Marie, nurse, living at Henry Street, Gympie. In 1943, she is registered at the General Hospital. As mentioned above, by 1954 she is in Vaucluse with her brother. No marriage or death registrations have been found for Gwenneth in Queensland or New South Wales.

Descendants of Letitia Wilhelmine TOWNSEND.

Letitia Wilhelmine Townsend
Married to Karel van Erpecum on 28th May 1884 at Padang. Karel was born on 9-10-1856 in Scheidam, Netherlands, and died in Mataram, Lombok on 30-9-1894. He appears to have been a military man, making the rank of Captain in 1892.

  • Theresia Louise van Erpecum b. 2-3-1885 in Padang, d.27-1-1960 in La Hestra, Brussels.
  • Karel van Erpecum b. 22-11-1886 in Padang, d. 27-7-1917 in Makassar. In 1911, he was a First Lieutenant at Cimahi, West Java. No known marriage.
  • Laurens van Erpecum b. 17-3-1888 in Padang, d.27-1-1954 in Voorburg.
  • Gerrit Willem van Erpecum b. 12-8-1891 in Den Haag, d. 11-2 -1892 in Schiedam.
  • Willem van Erpecum b. 12 -8-1894 in Batavia, d. 8-12-1924 in Weltevreden.

Letitia died on 19th September 1934, in Padang.

Theresia Louise van Erpecum
Married to Valerius Geertruidus Andringa Boll on 6th August 1906 at Meester Cornelis, Java, Indonesia. Valerius was born 26-3-1882 in Dinther, and died 13-10-1954 in Vught. He was the son of Adriaan Marius Boll and Emilia Theodora Frijlinck.

  1. Adeline Theodora Boll b. 12-12-1908 in Makassar, d. ?. Married Willem Marius Mast. Nothing further kown.
  2. Emilia Wilhelmina Thera Boll b. 13-11-1913 in Nijmegen, d. ? Nothing further known.
  3. Valeria Geertruida Andringa Boll b. 9-7-1915 in Mook, d.?-Nothing further known.
Laurens van Erpecum
Married to (1) Catharina Petronella Dina Cornelia Kijdsmeir (b. 30-7-1875 in Batavia, d. 25-6-1943 in Den Haag) on 28th July 1913 at Surabaya. No information on children.
Married to (2) Catharina Fol (b. 14-2-1888 in Jogjakarta, d.?) on 2nd November 1943 at Den Haag. No information on children.
Laurens & Catharina returned to The Netherlands on 13th May 1939.

Willem van Erpecum
Married to Francisca Josephina Eleonra Fickel on 7th July 1915 in Surabaya.
He was an agent of the Nederlands Indische Handelsbank in Indramayu.

A Breather

Well, that brings us to the end of the children of William Townsend and Clementina Chew. Now, I have to delve back into the Dutch websites for the next batch.

Actually, come to think of it, there are only 2 more children of William Townsend that are known to have married.

Descendants of Victor Louis TOWNSEND

Victor Louis Townsend first married Sarah Ann Winn in 1882. Sarah Ann died in 1890, aged 29 years. They appear to have had 3 children:
  • William Townsend (?-1900)
  • Alma Chew Townsend (1884-1907)
  • Edwin Louis (1887-1913). 
    I have found a newspaper clipping from 1884, which states that Victor Townsend had a stud poultry farm at Pimpama at that time.

    Victor next married Daisy Ferrars Shirley in 1898, and it appears they divorced some time before 1925. Daisy was the daughter of John Shirley and Emily Day. John Shirley was a noted teacher and school inspector in Queensland. Until 1914 , they had 10 children; others might have been born after 1914.
    • Claude Townsend (1898-after 1949)
    • Colin Townsend (1900-after 1964)
    • Garnet Townsend (22-10-1901-1957
    • Ina Townsend (1903-?)
    • Mabel Townsend (1905-?) Birth registration incorrectly transcribed as "Isabel"
    • Enid Townsend (1907-?)
    • Beryl Townsend (1908-?)
    • Olive Townsend (1909-?)
    • Owen Townsend (1911-after 1964)
    • Donald Townsend (1913-after1964)

    Victor Louis (dairyman) and Daisy Ferrars Townsend are listed in the 1903 electoral roll as residing at Stanmore, Beenleigh. In 1905, 1908, 1913, and 1919, they are at Wharf Street, Beenleigh. Victor Louis is alone at Coffey’s, Cordelia Street, South Brisbane in 1925 with no occupation given. Daisy Ferrars Townsend is registered in 1925 in Wharf Street, Beenleigh. There is no registration for Daisy Ferrars Townsend after that date. There are, however, registrations for Daisy Ferrars Wilkie at Wharf Street, Beenleigh, for 1936 and 1937, but with no male of that surname at that address.

    Daisy Ferrars Townsend married James Wilkie in 1926. A James Wilkie, son of James Wilkie and Elizabeth Whittet, died in 1927.

    Victor Louis was buried in Toowong Cemetery on 11th October 1933. He shares a grave with James Little and Edward Vincent White.

    1. Claude Townsend married May Cecilia Jones (actually, Cecilia May Jones) in 1922. She was born in 1897, the daughter of Henry Frederick Jones and Mary Ella Delaney. The 1925 electoral roll has Claude and Cecilia May residing at the corner of Churchill and Ferry Streets, Maryborough, with Claude’s occupation given as teacher. By 1930, they had moved to Nebo. In 1936, they appear to have been transferred to Woongarra, near Bundaberg, where we can find them again in 1937 and 1943. In 1949, their Woongarra address is given as Barolin Street or Road. They do not appear in the 1954 electoral roll, but death registrations cannot be found in the Queensland BMD. There are no clues as to whether they had children.
    2. Colin Townsend enlisted in the army in 27th September 1918 and was discharged on 28th December 1918. At the time, he was a telephonist with the Postmaster General (PMG) and was living in Beenleigh. In 1932, he married Jean Elizabeth Smart. She was born in 1905, the daughter of Edward Lithgow Smart and Emma Jessie Hunt. The 1925 electoral roll has him living at the Police Station, Main Street, Wooloongabba, with the rank of constable. He must have given the policing away, as in 1930 he is residing at “Maybanke”, Herries Street, Toowoomba, with occupation given as public servant. In 1937, he and Jean Elizabeth can be found at Nathan Terrace, Yeerongpilly. Strangely, in that same year, they are also registered at the corner of Friday and Alfred Streets, Sandgate. Vote early and vote often? By 1943, they had moved to Glen Retreat Road, Michelton, where we find them again in 1949. 1954 sees Colin, alone, back in Toowoomba at 268 South Street, still a public servant. That year, Jean Elizabeth is still registered at Glen Retreat Road. No death registration can be found for Colin, so it is likely that he lived beyond 1964. Jean Elizabeth is buried in Toowoomba Cemetery.
    3. Garnet Townsend married Alice Mary Bahr in 1932. She was born in 1906, the daughter of August Carl Ferdinand Bahr and Maria Auguste Beitz. These being Beenleigh people, we can surmise that this is the family which gave rise to the locality name “Bahr’s Scrub”. The 1925 electoral roll places Garnet Townsend, police constable, at the Innisfail police station. In 1936 Garnet is a traveller, living in Beenleigh while Alice Mary is registered as a labourer at Main Street, Beenleigh. They have moved to Burleigh Heads in 1937, Garnet is now a foreman, and Alice Mary has given up labouring for home duties. In1943, they are located at 40 Chester Road, Annerley, and Garnet is a soldier (QX52229, enlisted 30-9-1943, discharged 19-9-1945, Staff Sergeant). 1949 sees them at Webster Road, Stafford, and Garnet is a works foreman. Oddly enough, Garnet and Alice Mary are also registered that year at Dixon Street, New Farm, and Garnet is described as a surveyor. They are firmly ensconced at Webster Road, Stafford in 1954, with Garnet listed as a works foreman.
    4. Ina Townsend has no marriage registration before 1934. She is located in Beenleigh in the 1925 electoral roll, and in 1943 she is registered at 15 Edmonstone Street, South Brisbane, receptionist. There are no registrations under that name after 1943, so it is possible that she married.
    5. Mabel Townsend - Married William Norman Fowles, lived in Roma, QLD. Later married Arthur Raven at the retirement home in  Sandgate. No children.
    6. Enid Townsend has no marriage registration before 1934. The 1936 electoral roll places her at Haraldene, Wharf Street, Beenleigh. There are no Enid Townsend registrations beyond that date, so it appears that she married.
    7. Beryl Townsend married James Thomas Carmody in Camp Hill, Brisbane in November 1933. He was born in 1902, the son of John Thomas and Mary Saunders. In 1936, James Thomas (police constable) and Beryl Carmody are at Longueval Street, Clifton Hill, Yeerongpilly, and in 1937 they are living at Bennett’s Road, Coorparoo. 1943 and 1949 sees them at Albert Street, Annerley. They have moved to 38 Bunya Street, Greenslopes, in 1954. James had not yet risen above the rank of constable at that time. Note: I have since found the Courier Mail report of the wedding, and a photo of Beryl. I will add them at some stage.)
    8. Olive Townsend has no marriage registration before 1934. The 1936 electoral roll has her at Haroldene, Beenleigh, as does the 1937 roll. There are no Olive Townsend registrations beyond that date, so it appears that she married.
    9. Owen Townsend has no marriage registration before 1934, but by 1943 he is married to Beryl Algar Moore. The 1936 electoral roll has him at Wharf Street, Beenleigh, occupation labourer. In 1937, he is a constable residing at the Valley Police Station, corner of Brookes and Church Streets. By 1943, he and Beryl Algar Townsend are at 106 Herston Road, Kelvin Grove, and Owen is still a police constable. They are registered at Vindex Street, Winton, in 1949; Owen still hasn’t been promoted. 1954 sees a promotion to sergeant for Owen and transfer to the Police Station, Goodna.
    10. Donald Townsend has no marriage registration before 1934, but Donald married Heather ? sometime between 1943 and 1949. The 1936 and 1937 electoral rolls show him at May Street, Roma, employed as a labourer. In 1943, there is a Donald Townsend at Irving Terrace, Kelvin Grove, labourer and at 49 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane, labourer. Donald and Heather Townsend are registered at Arthur Street, Roma, in 1949; Donald is a bridge carpenter. In 1954, occupations are unchanged but they are residing at 84 Edward Street, Roma.

    Descendants of Mary Catherine TOWNSEND

    Brisbane Courier, 1 August 1874
    Mary Catherine Townsend married Robert Rickards Davidson, son of Robert and Sophia Elizabeth Davidson, on 29th July, 1874. At this stage, Frances had not been born but Letitia had, so Mary Catherine was not really the youngest daughter of William Townsend. Robert Rickards Davidson appears to have been associated with the Volunteer Artillery, being Hon. Sec. of the battery in 1870. He also seems to have been Hon. Sec. of the Brisbane Football Club in 1870-71 and beyond. In 1880, he was signatory to a petition requesting the establishment of a Shire of Toowong.

    A report in the Brisbane Courier, 11 February 1899, has Mrs R R Davidson returning from Townsville to reside in Brisbane, presumably after R.R. Davidson's death. In the intervening years, the Courier shows that Mr and Mrs R R Davidson were socially active, especially in the Townsville area during the 1890s.

    No burial sites in Brisbane have been found for Robert or Mary Catherine. It is possible that they are both buried in Townsville or thereabouts.

    1. Stuart Hastings Davidson (1875-1915) appears not to have married. In 1905, Stuart is living with his mother and brother at Prospect Terrace, Long Hill, occupation clerk. In 1908, he resided at Mayne Road, Bowen Hills, occupation accountant. He is still an accountant in 1913, living at Park Road, Milton, maybe with his mother and Henry at “Oakey”. Stuart Hastings Davidson was buried in Balmoral Cemetery on 16th October 1915. He shares a grave with Alan Geoffrey Davidson, buried 26th February 1919.
    2. Percy MacLean Davidson (1877-1877) died in infancy. He was interred in Toowong Cemetery on 30th January 1877. He shares a grave with Grace Muriel Davidson, buried 28th February 1880 and Caroline Wilkie, 27th January 1916.

    3. Henry Clement Davidson (1878-1943) married Norma Cicely Gray Phipps in 1916. In 1905, Henry is living with his mother and brother at Prospect Terrace, Long Hill, occupation clerk. He is still at Prospect Terrace, Ithaca in 1908, and is still a clerk. He is registered at Park Road, Milton, in 1913, possibly at the same address as his mother and brother Stuart, and is described as an insurance clerk.. In 1919, he and Norma are residing at Cleveland Road, Morningside; he is still a clerk. A change of occupation has occurred by 1925, and he is now a meat preserver, living at Racecourse and Kent Road, Ascot. In 1936 & 1937, he is back being a clerk, residing at Jane Street, Manly. In 1943, he and Norma are at Benalla Street, Manly. Henry Clement Davidson was buried in Balmoral Cemetery on 26th July 1943, aged 60(?) years. Norma Cicely Gray Davidson was interred in the same cemetery on 14th November 1955.

    4. Grace Muriel Davidson (1880-1880) died in infancy. She was interred in Toowong Cemetery on 28th February 1880. She shares a grave with Percy Maclean Davidson, buried 30th January 1877 and Caroline Wilkie, 27th January 1916.

    5. Edith Pryer Davidson (1886-1887) died in infancy. No grave location can be found in Brisbane.
    6. Alan Geoffrey Davidson (1887-1919) appears not to have married in Queensland. In 1913, he is residing at Park Road, Milton, a clerk. The 1919 roll places him with his sister and mother at Agnes Street, Morningside, occupation clerk. Alan Geoffrey Davidson was buried in Balmoral Cemetery on 26th February 1919. He shares a grave with Stuart Hastings Davidson, buried 16th October 1915.
    7. Phyllis Grace Davidson (1889-?) married George Haliford Barton Watson in 1919. The 1913 electoral roll shows her living with her mother at “Oakey”, Park Road, Milton, occupation clerk. In the 1919 electoral roll, she is residing with her mother at Agnes Street, Morningside, occupation nurse. Park Road, Yeerongpilly is the address for Phyllis and George in 1925; George is described as a public servant. The 1936 roll places them at 298 Agnes Street, Rockhampton; George is an agricultural bank inspector. The following year, and in 1943 and 1949, they are back at Park Road, Yeerongpilly, and George is again just a public servant. In 1949, a June Phyllis Barton is at the same address, a clerk, and we could assume that she is a daughter. 1954 sees them at the same place, with June Phyllis Barton, secretary, giving an address of 194 Park Road. Throughout this entire period, there are assorted Bartons also living in Park Road, Yeerongpilly, at a house named “Bonara”.

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    Descendants of Isabella Rachel TOWNSEND

    Isabella Rachel Townsend married Donald Grant Maclean in 1874. In 1875 a son, Donald Fitzroy Maclean, was born in Queensland.

    After that, the whole family seems to vanish. Thanks to the information from Thomas Helmer, I will continue the story as I have again picked up the thread.

    Isabella Rachel Townsend
    married Donald Grant Maclean in 1874. Donald, son of Andrew Maclean and Clara Harrison, was educated at the Royal Military College of Scotland. He died in 1875, and Isabella remarried . Their only son, Donald Fitzroy Maclean, died in 1876.

    Isabella Rachel Townsend then married Robert Raff on 21st July 1880 in Sydney. They were married by the Reverend Dr. Fullerton. Robert was born on 22nd January 1845, the son of George Raff and Harriet Agnes Bourne and the eldest of 12 children. Robert died in Brisbane in 1920. Isabella Rachel died in Brisbane in 1931.

    Isabella and Robert had six children:
    • George Wyven Raff born 27th March 1881, Thursday Island, and died in 1952. Served in the 11th Light Horse, 5th Reinforcements, in Egypt as a driver. He appears not to have married.
    • Harriet Raff born in Brisbane on 4th May 1882, who was a nurse. She married William Alexander Fox in 1914. Harriet appears to have died in 1930.
    • Robert Raff born in Sandgate, Brisbane on 3rd August 1883, died 23rd March 1968. He appears not to have married.
    • William Morey (Moray) Raff born in Salem Cottage, Sandgate, Brisbane on 1st August 1886, died 1960. In 1914, he married Nellie McGregor Foord, the daughter of George Scobbie (Foord?) and Hannah Dickie. Nellie died in 1951.
    • Isabella Clementina Raff born in Brisbane on 31st March 1888 and died in Brisbane on 13th December 1979. She married George Alexander Campbell Ainslie, son of Edward Campbell Ainslie and Harriet Agnes Fullerton (late Sands),  in 1915; he had been a master mariner, but was a clerk in later life. They had one daughter, Mona Campbell Ainslie. George died in 1952.
    • Charles Stewart Raff born in Brisbane on 26th July 1890 and died in Brisbane on 30th January 1981. He married Minnie May Quinn in 1917.

    In the 1903 Electoral Rolls, Robert and Isabella Rachel are registered at Frans Road, Nundah (now Franz Road in Clayfield). Robert describes himself as being of independent means. In 1905, they are at Stoneleigh Street, Albion, with Robert Raff Jr. The elder Robert has no occupation, the younger Robert is a carter.
    In 1908, we have the family at Eliza Street, either Clayfield or Nundah; George Wyben, labourer, Harriet and Isabella, home duties, Robert, ranger, and William Moray, no occupation stated. The 1913 roll has most of the family at Nudgee Road, Hendra; Charles Stuart, butcher, George Wyven, labourer, Harriet, dressmaker, Isabella Clementina and Isabella Rachel, home duties, Robert, accountant, and William Moray, salesman. Robert Raff Jr is at "Buckerell", Nudgee Road, carter. 1921 sees Charles Stuart, butcher, Minnie May, George Wyven, sawyer, and Isabella Rachel at Byers Street, Newstead. By 1925, Isabella Rachel is at Constance Street, Fortitude Valley and Charles Stuart, butcher, and Minnie May are at Ross Street, Newstead.

    In 1937, George Wyven is at 11 Wyandra Street, Fortitude Valley, sawyer, living alone. 1943 and 1949 sees him at Leopold Street, Fortitude Valley, same occupation.

    Robert Raff
    Born at Sandgate. We can trace his early movements through the electoral rolls with his parents. In 1919, however, he has moved to the corner of McKinlay and Mitchell Streets, Townsville, cellarman, care of Mrs Rose. By 1925, he is storeman at the Australian Hotel, Townsville. In 1930 and 1937, he is a storeman with the address Palmer Street, Townsville. By 1943, he is back in Brisbane residing with Charles Stuart and Minnie May at Henderson Street, Bulimba. He remains there in 1949 and 1954, probably until his death. There is photo on the Queensland State Library website that shows a R. Raff as a member of the premiership winning Toombul football team.

    William Morey Raff
    Born at Sandgate. After his marriage to Nellie McGregor Foord, we find them in 1925 at Ascot Street, Hendra. They are at the same address in 1936, 1937, 1943, and 1949. In 1954, after Nellie's death, William Moray is alone at 14 Merton Road, Wooloongabba, apparently in retirement.

    Isabella Clementina Raff
    After her marriage, in 1917 she is residing at Lang Parade, Auchenflower, then in 1919 we find the Ainslie family in “Birmar”, Geelong Street, Wooloongabba. George gives his occupation as clerk. In 1925, they are residing at “Quilty”, Arthur Street off Ipswich Road, Buranda. By 1937, this address has been refined to 44 Arthur Street, Buranda. In 1943 and 1949, their address is “Quilty”, 44 Harrogate Street, Buranda, and in 1949 their daughter Mona Campbell Ainslie, clerk-typist, is also registered at that address. The 1954 rolls have only Isabella and Mona living at 44 Harrogate Street, Buranda, as George had passed away in 1952.

    Descendants of George Robert TOWNSEND

    Brisbane Courier, 27 April 1898
    (Click on the image to view larger, then "Back" to return to this page.)

    George Robert Townsend married Jessie Jane Sinclair in 1881. Jessie was born in Sydney in 1858, and died in Wooloowin on 29th July 1933 (Probate application notice, Courier Mail, 2nd April 1934). She was the daughter of John Sinclair and Jane Kellarman. They had two sons, Edwin Alexander Sinclair Townsend (1882-1913) and Noel Sinclair Townsend (1890-?). George Robert was buried in Lutwyche cemetery on 29th August 1917. Jessie Jane was also interred in Lutwyche Cemetery on 31st July 1933, along with her son, Edwin Alexander Sinclair who was buried on 10th December, 1913. The 1925 electoral roll has Jessie Jane at "Urndy Ridge", Lutwyche Road, Wooloowin.

    We know from the obituary of Edwin James that George Robert Townsend had been a member of the Native Police, but had left to become a public servant in the Immigration Department (1895). We also know from the social columns that he was living in Indooroopilly in 1896. The report above, from the Brisbane Courier of 17th April 1898, states that he was "clerk in charge of the Government Labour Bureau".

    Children of George Robert and Jessie Jane.

    Edwin Alexander Sinclair Townsend can be found living at McLennan Street, Albion, occupation surveyor in 1908, with his father George Robert Townsend, a public servant. 1913 Edwin Alexander, surveyor, along with George Robert (public servant), Jessie Jane, and Noel Sinclair (overseer), at Gympie Road, Wooloowin.

    Noel Sinclair Townsend was a grazier at Roma when he enlisted in the Light Horse in November 1916. An extensive service file is accessible from the National Archives, which gives some clues to his life.

    Summary of Noel Sinclair Townsend's service, 1916-1919.
    Source, National Archives.

    His mother’s address at the time of his enlistment, and later, was “Wyndyrydge”, Isedale Street, Wooloowin. We know, from letters written in 1922, that he had attended Brisbane Grammar School. These letters were written by A J Sinclair, a principal of Topikads Limited Incorporating Cartoon Filmads Queensland, of 14 Strand Buildings, Queen Street, Brisbane; “Cinematograph Advertising for Good Theatre Screens”.

    In 1913, Noel Sinclair Townsend was living at McLennan Street, Wooloowin, occupation overseer. In the same household were his parents, George Robert (public servant) and Jessie Jane Townsend and his brother. By 1919, Noel had moved to Lyndale, Roma, and was listed as a grazier. In 1923, he married Elizabeth Crichton Stark.1925 sees him at West Cooroy, as a banana farmer. He is listed on the electoral roll for 1936 as a fruit farmer at Beerwah, with Elizabeth Crichton Townsend. In 1937, a change of occupation to dairy farmer, and living at Goomboorian, Tiaro, where they are still residing in 1943. Noel and Elizabeth appear to have had a daughter named Clare, according to the 1949 rolls, when they were living either with or near Edmund Ernest Townsend. Noel and Elizabeth appear to have retired to Tin Can Bay by the time of the 1954 electoral registrations. In 1954, Clare is a nurse and is residing at 27 Caledonian Hill, Gympie.

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    Edwin James TOWNSEND

    Although Edwin James never married and left no descendants, I will put him here because of the material available concerning his death. He was the eldest of the six children who migrated with Captain Townsend on the ill-fated "Netherby" in 1866.

    Brisbane Courier, 4 June 1895

    Brisbane Courier, 3 June 1895.
    (Sorry about the pasting error that doubled up a line.)

    Descendants of Austin Edward TOWNSEND

    Brisbane Courier, 24 April 1895.

    Austin Edward TOWNSEND
    Married to (1) Suzanna Sara van der Vlist on 2nd October 1869 at Batavia (Jakarta). Suzanna was born on 14th December 1848 in Benkoelen (Bengkulu) and died on 19th February 1885 in s’Gravenhage, The Netherlands. She was the daughter of Jacob Dirk Martin Van der Vlist and Antonette Fontignies
    • Caecilia Helena Townsend b.?, d. 21-11-1870 in Batavia.
    • William Townsend b. 4-7-1871 in Batavia, d.11-3-1956 in Eindhoven. Married in Batavia on 5th November 1913, but further details unknown, apart from an address for 20th Oktober 1946 in The Netherlands, (Ermelo, Groeneweg 17 )
    • Edward Townsend b. 23-1-1873 in Batavia, d. 14-2-1938 in Ermelo.
    • Marij Maria Eleonora Anna Townsend b. 16-4-1874 in Batavia, d. 14-12-1944 in Cidengkamp. Buried in Kalibanteng, Semarang. Appears not to have married.
    • Theodoor Townsend b. 1875?, d. 7-5-1875 in Batavia.

    Married to (2) Diedja.
    • Isabella Mary Townsend b. 29-4-1892 in Cicuruk, Sukabumi, d. 20-10-1969 in Almelo
    Edward Townsend. Married to Petronella Wilhelmina van Kruistum on 22nd April 1909 in Ede. Petronella was born in Ede on 19 June 1887, and died in Utrecht on 24th December 1970. She was the daughter of Marinus van Kruistum and Sophia Gijsbertse.

    1. Just Townsend. b. 9-1-1910 in Apeldoorn, d. 3-4-1945 in Brandenburg, Germany. Buried in Oranienburg, Germany. Appears to have died in Sachsenhausen concentration camp.
    2. Edward Townsend b. 23-2-1911 in Apeldoorn, d.? No further details.
    3. Sophia Townsend b. 27-2-1915 in Ede, d. ? in New Zealand. Migrated to New Zealand on 18th May 1951. Possible death on 31 July 1996 of a Sophia Anja Postma, born on the 27 February 1915, who can be found by searching for Sophia Townsend in the NZ BDM. Retired poultry farmer, buried in Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland. Did she marry (and was she widowed?) before she left the Netherlands?
    4. William Townsend b. 15-5-1916 in Amsterdam, d. ? in New Zealand. Migrated to New Zealand on 18th May 1951. Possible death and cremation on 6th June 1989 for a William Townsend, retired poultry farmer, in Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland.
    5. Austin Edward Townsend b. 29 -1-1920 in Veenendaal, d.?. Married on 8th November 1945. Spouse appears to still be living. No further details.
    6. Pieter Townsend b. 29-7-1922 in Ermelo, d. 9-3-1923 in Ermelo.
    Isabella Mary Townsend. Married to Saronus Alphonsus Hendrinus Goedhart (1892-1965) on 5th July 1911 in Semarang. Saronus was the son of Hendrik Goedhart and Hendrina Frederika Pattiwael.

    1. Louise Justine Hendrina Goedhart b. 11-9-1911 in Semarang, d. 6-9-1982 in Enschede. Married Frans Portier (b. 27-10-1915 in Solo, d. 17-6-2007 in Enschede) in Solo on 24th May 1944. Frans was the son of Anthonie Portier. Children: Donald Maximiliaan Portier b. 26-6-1945 in Solo, d.1967 in Amsterdam. Eugenie Marie (Mies) Portier b. 15-9-1949 in Semarang, d.?. Frans later married Henny Boswinkel on 2nd February 1999, in Enschede.
    2. Hendrik Jacques Alphons Goedhart b. 1-10-1912 in Blora, Central Java, d. 16-10-1945 in Batavia. Married Jaenette Herbig (b.4-8-1913 in Kendal, d. 1-1-1988 in Bergin on Zoom) in Semarang on 3rdAugust 1938. Jaenette was the daughter of Charles Herbig and Usnij Leonora Chenoreta Simon. There appears to be 2 children still living.
    3. Johan Napoleon Goedhart b. 1-9-1914 in Meester Cornelis, Batavia, d.9-9-1945 in Surakarta, Central Java. Married Loeki C M Leidelmeyer in 1937. There appears to be 1 child still living.
    4. Nico Rudolf Goedhart b. 9-10-1915 in Sabang, Aceh, d.31-1-2005 in Almelo. Married Sophia Amelia Soepitah (b. 15-4-1928 in Tangerang, d. 10-11-1993 in Almelo) in Batavia on 20th November 1946. There appears to be 10 children still living, in addition to Christina F Goedhart, b. 31-7-1951 in Semarang, d. 4-8-1951 in Semarang.
    5. Lambertus Martinus Goedhart b, 17-7-1918 in Weltevreden, Batavia, d.18-10-1945 in Batavia. Married ? Portier, date and place unknown. It appears that their sole child is still living.
    6. Harry Austin Goedhart b.19-9-1922 in Meester Cornelis, Batavia, d. 16-12-2005 in Almelo. Married Ada Nio Lie (b. 5-3-1918 in Madiun, d. 15-1-2003 in Almelo) on 30th November 1955 in Semarang. Ada Nio Lie was the daughter of Boen Fioe Lie. There appears to be 5 children still living.
    Meester Cornelis is now that part of Jakarta known as Jatinegara.
    Weltevreden is now that part of Jakarta known as Gambir.
    Almelo and Ermelo are municipalities in The Netherlands.
    Apeldoorn is a municipality about 60km south of Amsterdam.
    Ede is a municipality in the centre of The Netherlands.
    Enschede is a municipality on the eastern border of The Netherlands.

    Descendants of Maria Augusta TOWNSEND

    Maria Augusta TOWNSEND
    Married to Theodorus Elink Schuurman on 4 January 1862 at Padang. Theodorus was born on 27th June 1821 in Utrecht, the son of Hendrikus Elink Schuurman and Antoinetta Gerardina Duuring. He died in Padang on 4th May 1876.

    Theodorus’ grave inscription reads: Hier rust Theodoor Elink Schuurman, geb Utrecht 27-6-1821, overleden 4-5-1876, echtg van Maria Augusta Townsend. (Here lies Theodoor ELink Schurman, born Utrecht 27-6-1821, died 4-5-1876, husband of Maria Augusta Townsend.)

    • Clementine Ceccillia Antoinetta Elink Schuurman. (1863-1924)
    • Antoinetta Elink Schuurman b. 1 January 1865, d. 28 May 1900 in Padang.
    • William Theodoor Elink Schuurman (1866-1866)
    • Gerrit Elink Schuurman (1867-????)
    • H.I. Schuurman (1870-1871)
    • Wilhelm Ludwich Elink Schuurman (1873-????)
    • Euphemia Clementina Elink Schuurman (1875-1905
    Clementine Ceccillia Antoinetta Elink Schuurman. Married to Karel Constant Hubert Sadee on 20th September 1879 in Padang. Karel was born on 8th February 1843 in Venlo, the son of Gustaaf Sadee and Cecilia Margaretha Jansen. He was a military man, who died in Padang on 9th June 1919. Clementine died on 14th December 1924, in Padang. All the children were born in Padang.


    1. Cecilia Margaretha Sadee b. 5-3-1883, d. ????
    2. Maria Augusta Sadee b. 13 October 1884, d.????. Married D.k..Boele in 1906. No information on chidren.
    3. Gustaaf Theodoor Sadee (1887-????). 1909 employee of the sugar mill Waringin Anom in Sitoebondo, 1910 sugar mill Wonolangan in Probolinggo, 1915 agent of the firm Lelyveld and Co.
    4. Clementine Caroline Sadee b. 22 January 1890, d. 13 April 1945 in den Haag. Married Marie Henri Alexander de Rooij in 1913. No information on children
    5. Antoinette Henriette Sadee b. 22 August 1896, d. 13 March 1987 in den Haag. Married Albertus Franciscus Reinerus Kleyn (b 24 June 1893 in Amsterdam, d. 15 May 1963 in Paradiso, Switzerland) on 16 October 1919 in Padang. No information on children.
    Gerrit Elink Schuurman. Married to Helen Mathilde Vogler (his cousin?) on 4 February 1891 in Malang. He was known to be, in 1899, an employee of the plantation company Goenoeng Sari in Malang. In 1919 the family is in Semarang, 1922 in Magelang, and 1926-27 in Makassar.

    1. Louise Maria Elink Schuurman b. 7 March 1894 in Padang, d.????. No further information.

    Wilhelm Ludwich Elink Schuurman
    . First married to Hendrika Elizabeth Roeland (?-1916) on 7th October 1902 at Probolinggo.


    1. Theodoor Elink Schuurman b. 30 December 1892 in Pasuruan, d.????. No further information.
    2. Cornelie Wilhelmina Elink Schuurman b. 5 February 1894 in Pasuruan, d.????. No further information.

    Next married J.W. Wisse in 1923. No further information.

    Euphemia Clementina Elink Schuurman. Married to Nicolaas Companjen on 18th July 1893 at Padang. Nicolaas was born in 1862 in St. Petersburg, Russia, the son of Wichter Companjen and Aaltjen Kruijs. He died on 11th October1921 in Apeldoorn. Euphemia died in Semarang on 29 th January 1905.


    1. Maria Augusta Companjen 16-9-1894 in Semarang, d. 13-4-1944 in Apeldoorn. Married Carel Johan Anton Snorn in Apeldoorn on 3rd August 1915.
    2. Evelina Maria Companjen b. 2-8-1901 in Semarang, d. ?
    3. Euphemia Clementina Companjen b. 7-5-1903 in Semarang, d.?

    Descendants of Louisa Cecilia TOWNSEND

    Louisa Cecilia TOWNSEND
    Married to Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Vogler on 18th April 1857 in Padang. Friedrich was born on 25th October 1823 in Weiburg and died on 2nd June 1872 in Wiesbaden.

    1. Carolina Euphemia Vogler b. 30th March 1859 in Padang. Nothing further is known of her life.
    2. Leopold Ludwich Vogler b. 17th September 1862 in Padang. Nothing further is known of his life.
    I have found another child, Helene Mathilde Vogler, who appears elsewhere as the wife of  Gerrit Elink Schuurman, son of Louisa's sister..

    According to Thomas, there were 12 children in all. I am hoping that Thomas can expand this section.

    Descendants of Euphemia Clementina TOWNSEND

    Euphemia Clementina TOWNSEND
    Married to Henri Maximiliaan Andre Wiltens on 27th May 1850 at Padang. Henri Maximiliaan was the son of Johan Frederik Hubert Wiltens and Adriana Elisabeth Jacoba Schott, born in Nijmegen on 7th February 1823. He died on 14th October 1889 in Sukabumi, West Java.

    Henri MaximiliaanWiltens was Assistant Resident of Padang 1847, of Bengkulu 1856, Resident of the Padangse Bovenlanden 1857, Governor of the Moluccas 1862, Resident of the Padangse Bovenlanden 1862, Governor of The Celebes 1865, Vice-president 1878 Raad van Ned-Indie (Parliament of the Netherlands Indies).

    (The post of Resident has a modern Indonesian equivalent in "Bupati", the head of a district. Padagse Bovenlanden means Padang Uplands or Padang Highlands, the area known today as Bukitinggi.)

    1. Albert John Andre Wiltens (6-8-1853 in Padang, d.?)
    2. Henri William Andre Wiltens (b. 1861 in Padang, d.1917 in den Haag)

    Albert John Andre Wiltens. Married to Elise Ament (?-1928) on 8th December 1884 at Batavia.

    1. William Andre Wiltens (b. 1887 in Batavia, d.?). Married to Louise Susanna Mundt on 8th February 1914 at Wassenaar. Louisa was born in 1886 in Parakan Salak.

    Henri William Andre Wiltens. Married Johanna Josephina van Holstein (1855-1929). Henri William was a lawyer.
    No known children.

    Monday, December 14, 2009

    William Townsend and Elizabeth Salmon Thomas

    William Townsend married his second cousin, Elizabeth Salmon Thomas, in (date given in the will - to be inserted later) 1872, probably in Sandgate, Queensland. Elizabeth had been a passenger on the "Netherby" and the "City of Melbourne" at the same time as William and the 6 children.

    We can find Elizabeth S Thomas, aged 10, scholar, residing at 31 Wakefield Street, St Pancras, Marylebone in the 1851 Census. Her place of birth is given as St Pancras, Middlesex. She is in a household with her mother, Lydia M, wife of Journeyman Painter, and siblings Diana S (17), Lydia H (13), George AT (11), Mary R (7), and Emma T (5).

    In the 1861 Census, they are living in Mountnessing Village, Essex. Her father, William, appears to have intended to be home for the Census but was absent; his name is crossed out and other details not filled in. The household consisted of:
    • Lydia Thomas, 52, Fundholder's Wife, born Dowgate Middlesex.
    • Caroline Townshend Thomas, 21, Fundholder's daughter, born St Pancras (December Q 1838).
    • Lydia Harriet Thomas, 23, Fundholder's daughter, born St Pancras.
    • Elizabeth Salmon Thomas, 20, Fundholder's daughter, born Islington (December Q 1840).
    • Edward William Peck, 2, Grandson, born Islington.
    • Lydia Martha Peck, 1, Granddaughter, born Islington.
    • William Ambrose Townsend was born in 1872, probably at Brighton, and died in about April 1928. He was buried in Toowong Cemetery on 18th April 1928. No marriage can be found in the Queensland or New South Wales registers. Electoral Rolls for 1925 have him residing at 18 Arthur Street, New Farm, occupation traveller. No other electoral registration can be found.
    • Charles Thomas Townsend was born in 1874, probably at Brighton, and died on 25th October 1921 in Gympie, Queensland. In 1900, he married Gladys Mary Johnson, daughter of Sydney Newman Johnson and Emma Lewis. They had at least six children, two of whom (twins) died at birth. The 1913 and 1919 Electoral Rolls have Charles Thomas, assayer, and Gladys Mary living at Wickham Street, Gympie.
    • Frances Marie Townsend was born in 1876, probably at Brighton. She was an accomplished musician, studying first in Brisbane and later in London. She appears not to have married, at least in Queensland, and a death or burial place has not, so far, been revealed. She was generally known as "Fanny". (As it turns out, she married in Victoria, but the timeline indicates that she would have been acquainted with her future husband and his first family while living in Sandgate.)
    More information will be given later on the descendants of Charles Thomas Townsend and Frances Marie Townsend.

    William Townsend and Adeline Jessey Maidman

    William and Adeline were married in Padang, West Sumatra, on 18th June 1864. Adeline was born in Padang on 19th September 1836, and died in Batavia (Jakarta), on 23 May 1926. Adeline was the daughter of John Butter Maidman and Johanna Maria Terhoeff.

    William and Adeline had one child, a daughter, Letitia Wilhelmine, born in Padang on 31st March 1865. What happened next is open to conjecture, but just over a year after Letitia’s birth we find William and six children from his marriage to Clementina boarding the “Netherby” in London bound for Brisbane.

    We must assume that the “Mrs William Townsend” referred to in the Brisbane Courier's Social Gossip column in 1896 is Adeline because of the length of residence in Jakarta, the reference to “her daughter and grandchildren” and that Mr G R Townsend of Indooroopilly is is identified as her step-son. Clearly, cordial relations were maintained with at least part of the family. A look at William’s will could also reveal a reason for the visit.

    Letitia Wilhelmine Townsend was married to Karel van Erpecum on 28th May 1884 at Padang.

    • Theresia Louise van Erpecum (1885 - 1960)
    • Karel van Erpecum (1886 - 1917)
    • Laurens van Erpecum (1888 - 1954)
    • Gerrit Willem van Erpecum (1891 - 1892)
    • Willem van Erpecum (1894 - 1924)
    More about these descendants in due course.

    Letitia died in Batiavia (Jakarta) on 19th September 1934.

    Brisbane Courier, 2 May 1896

    Friday, December 11, 2009

    William Townsend and Clementina Cecilia Sophia Chew

    Clementina was born in Calcutta, West Bengal on 18th February, 1812, the daughter of Dr John Chew and Isabella Rachel Stewart (or Stuart). It was in Calcutta that William and Clementina were married on 4th March 1832. As can be seen from the birth places of the children, the family stayed in Calcutta for a while, then moved to Surabaya in East Java, then established themselves back in Padang, West Sumatra, by 1835. However, there appears to have been another stay in Calcutta around 1844-1845 and a return to Padang by 1847.

    Children of William and Clementina:

    • Isabella Cornelia TOWNSEND b: 15 Feb 1833, Calcutta, West Bengal, India, d: 22 Jan 1836, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia
    • Eduard TOWNSEND b: 21 Jun 1834, Soerabaja (Surabaya), Java, Indonesia, d: 29 Jan 1835, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia
    • Euphemia Clementina TOWNSEND b: 13 May 1835, Sumatra's Westkust (Padang), Indonesia, d: 11 Jan 1913, Den Haag, The Netherlands. Married, with descendants
    • William Roger TOWNSEND b: 17 Sep 1837, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia, d: 2 Apr 1863, Sumatra’s Westkust (Afdeeling Priaman), Indonesia
    • Louisa Cecilia TOWNSEND b: 25 Jul 1840, d: 8 Jun 1929, Batavia (Buitenzorg), Java, Indonesia. Married, with descendants.
    • Isabella Sophia TOWNSEND b: 19 Sep 1841, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia, d: 6 Dec 1841, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia
    • Maria Augusta TOWNSEND b: 3 Oct 1842, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia, d: 16 Jun 1926, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Married, with descendants.
    • Austin Edward TOWNSEND b: 17 May 1844, Calcutta, West Bengal, India, d: 15 Mar 1895, Batavia (Buitenzorg), Java, Indonesia. Married (twice) with descendants.
    • Clementine Rosalie TOWNSEND b: 7 Jun 1845, Calcutta, West Bengal, India, d: 1888, Prince Of Wales Island
    • Henry John TOWNSEND b: 14 Apr 1847, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia
    • Edwin James TOWNSEND b: 24 Oct 1848, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia, d: 1895, Coen, Queensland. Migrated to Queensland 6 Aug 1866, Netherby/City of Melbourne.
    • George Robert TOWNSEND b: 8 Jun 1850, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Migrated to Queensland 6 Aug 1866, Netherby/City of Melbourne. Married, with descendants.
    • Isabella Rachel TOWNSEND b: 19 Feb 1852, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Migrated to Queensland 6 Aug 1866, Netherby/City of Melbourne. Married, with descendants.
    • Mary Catharine TOWNSEND b: 6 Dec 1853, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Migrated to Queensland 6 Aug 1866, Netherby/City of Melbourne. Married, with descendants.
    • Cecilia Jemenria TOWNSEND b: 2 Oct 1854, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia
    • Victor Louis TOWNSEND b: 8 Jan 1856, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Migrated to Queensland 6 Aug 1866, Netherby/City of Melbourne. Married, with descendants.
    Clementina died in Padang on 17th June 1862. Her memorial inscription reads:
    “Sacred to the memory of Clementina Cecilia Sophia Townsend, daughter of John Chew, Boston, USA, and Isabella Rachel Stuart of Calcutta and wife of William Townsend, who was born in Calcutta on the 18th of February 1812 and died on the 17th of June 1862.”

    More information on the descendants of these children will follow in due course.

    William's Parents and Siblings

    William’s Origins

    William was the first born son of Edward James Townsend and Cornelia Johanna Dederingh. Edward James was born on 19th April, 1780 (or was it 1779?), in Islington, London. If it was 1779, then he was the son of Samuel and Martha Townsend (IGI). It appears he came to Padang in about 1804 as a merchant (koopman). He married Cornelia Johanna Dederingh on 20th May 1807, in Padang, West Sumatra.

    Edward’s headstone states
    “Sacred to the memory of Edward James Townsend, born in London the 19th of April 1780, who departed this life on the 22nd of October 1841 aged 61 years, 6 months and 5 days.”

    More is known about Cornelia Johanna. She was born in 1790 in Padang, the daughter of Theunis Dederingh and Magdalena van Daalen.

    Other children
    • Mary Anne Townsend, born 1813.
    1. Married Francois Adolf Embrechts in 1833. (There is no readily available information on this family after this date.)
    • Ian Gibson Townsend, b. 21 June 1817. (Died at birth?)
    • James Gibson Townsend, b. 21st June 1817, d, 25th February 1882.
    1. Married Johanna Maria Bouman, 14th September, 1843. Three children; Edward James (1844-1934), Sebastiaan (1848-?), and Bastiaan (1850-?).
    2. Married Johanna Carolina Strahl, 5th November 1859. Six children: James Edward (1860-1905), Johanna Maria (1863-?), Caroline Catherine (1865-1929), Edmund Edward James (1868-1908), Maria Megchelina Mary(1870-?) and Robert James (1871-1929).
    • Samuel Townsend, b. 21st June 1817. (Died at birth?)
    • Magdalena Christina Townsend, b. 24th August 1824, d. 24th July 1864.
    1. Married Jacobus Ijzenhoud Grevelink, 18th January 1843
    • Edward James Townsend, b. 1825, d. 30th November 1865.
    1. Married Anna Constantia Armstrong, 30th November 1853.
    2. Married Julia, date unknown.
    (The three identical birth dates might actually be 3 birth registrations, or baptisms, on the same date. Not clear.)


    A Potted History

    Captain William Townsend passed away, aged 83, on 11th August, 1893 at Mango Cottage, Sandgate. By the calendar this means he’d lived in Queensland for 27 years and 5 days, having arrived in Brisbane from Melbourne on the “City of Melbourne” on 6th August, 1866 along with six children from his first marriage and his wife-to-be. This voyage from England had been eventful, what with the “Netherby” running aground on King Island in Bass Strait, a successful rescue of the ship’s passengers and crew, and a period of privation on King Island before a full rescue could be effected.

    William was survived by two wives, children in Queensland and the East Indies, plus many grandchildren.

    He was born in Padang, West Sumatra, on 6th June 1810, the eldest son of Edward James Townsend and Cornelia Johanna Dederingh. We can assume from these circumstances that he grew up speaking English, Dutch and Melayu. It would appear that he joined the service of the British East India Company, and travelled widely, to Calcutta, Surabaya, and Batavia (Jakarta). On 4th March, 1832, in Calcutta, he married Clementina Cecilia Sophia Chew. This marriage was blessed with 16 children over the next 24 years, not all of whom survived to adulthood.

    Clementina died on 17th June 1862, in Padang, and on 18th June, 1864, William re-married to Adeline Jessey Maidmen. A daughter was born to this union on 31st March 1865. Both marriage and birth occurred in Padang. At this point, circumstances become a little confusing. Adeline is known to have died in 1926 in Batavia (Jakarta), but lived for some time before that in Padang. The daughter married in 1884, in Padang, and lived until 1934. However, April 1866 sees William, along with 6 children aged 10 to 17 years, boarding the “Netherby” in London to migrate to Queensland under a land grant scheme.

    Following the successful rescue of the stranded passengers of the "Netherby", arrangements were made for the Queensland bound contingent to carry on to Brisbane in the “City of Melbourne”, although many chose to stay in Victoria with the permission of the Queensland Colonial government. Soon after arrival in Brisbane, William purchased what had been the Brighton Hotel with its surrounding lands, and established himself and his family there.
    Brisbane Courier, 7 August 1866. Arrival in Brisbane.

    In 1872, William married Elizabeth Salmon Thomas, who had also been a passenger on the “Netherby” and the “City of Melbourne”. Between 1872 and 1876, three children were born to this couple. That makes a total of 20 children over a period of almost 40 years.

    During his time in Queensland, William was active in the National Bank of Queensland and acted as auditor until blindness forced him to withdraw, was a member of the Acclimatisation Society, was one of the six original Councillors of Sandgate Municipality, was a regular member of marine boards of inquiry, and sat on many committees concerned with the development of Sandgate.

    We know from the ‘gossip’ columns of the Brisbane Courier that Adeline visited Brisbane at least once after William’s death, staying at Indooroopilly with her step-son, George Robert.

    Captain William Townsend, of Sandgate, QLD

    This gentleman was a significant public figure of Sandgate in 1870s and 1880s. However, a chance discussion at the Sandgate and District Historical Society's museum one day revealed that we did not know a lot about the man, especially his life before he migrated to Queensland.

    I decided to rectify this, and along the way discovered many interesting things. Firstly, most of the really good information on his early life was contained in Dutch genealogical websites; the reason for this will become apparent in subsequent posts. Secondly, there was another William Townsend, of Adelaide, who was consistently grabbing the headlines over the period that "our" William was active in Queensland.

    I will leave you with that 'teaser', and slowly build a picture of the man and his descendants in subsequent posts.