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William's Parents and Siblings

William’s Origins

William was the first born son of Edward James Townsend and Cornelia Johanna Dederingh. Edward James was born on 19th April, 1780 (or was it 1779?), in Islington, London. If it was 1779, then he was the son of Samuel and Martha Townsend (IGI). It appears he came to Padang in about 1804 as a merchant (koopman). He married Cornelia Johanna Dederingh on 20th May 1807, in Padang, West Sumatra.

Edward’s headstone states
“Sacred to the memory of Edward James Townsend, born in London the 19th of April 1780, who departed this life on the 22nd of October 1841 aged 61 years, 6 months and 5 days.”

More is known about Cornelia Johanna. She was born in 1790 in Padang, the daughter of Theunis Dederingh and Magdalena van Daalen.

Other children
  • Mary Anne Townsend, born 1813.
  1. Married Francois Adolf Embrechts in 1833. (There is no readily available information on this family after this date.)
  • Ian Gibson Townsend, b. 21 June 1817. (Died at birth?)
  • James Gibson Townsend, b. 21st June 1817, d, 25th February 1882.
  1. Married Johanna Maria Bouman, 14th September, 1843. Three children; Edward James (1844-1934), Sebastiaan (1848-?), and Bastiaan (1850-?).
  2. Married Johanna Carolina Strahl, 5th November 1859. Six children: James Edward (1860-1905), Johanna Maria (1863-?), Caroline Catherine (1865-1929), Edmund Edward James (1868-1908), Maria Megchelina Mary(1870-?) and Robert James (1871-1929).
  • Samuel Townsend, b. 21st June 1817. (Died at birth?)
  • Magdalena Christina Townsend, b. 24th August 1824, d. 24th July 1864.
  1. Married Jacobus Ijzenhoud Grevelink, 18th January 1843
  • Edward James Townsend, b. 1825, d. 30th November 1865.
  1. Married Anna Constantia Armstrong, 30th November 1853.
  2. Married Julia, date unknown.
(The three identical birth dates might actually be 3 birth registrations, or baptisms, on the same date. Not clear.)



  1. Theunis DEDERINGH:

    From the Britsh East India Records: "Theunis Dederingh, the comforter of the sick, embarked on 19th December 1787 at Enkhuizen on the ship "Afrikaan" with designation Batavia wher he arrived 17th July 1788. He stayed there approximately 9 monhts in "de logie". On 30th April 1788 he was sent to Padang as replacement for Jan Bos whose obligation had finished in June 1788. Theunis arrived there 28 July 1789 (after four weeks). He died at Fort Marlborough in Sumatra in 1814.

    Best wishes,
    Thomas Helmer

  2. Edward James TOWNSEND was baptised 28th April 1779 St George in the East, Stepney. Seacaptian, shipowner and trader, traveled from Boston to Calcutta 1803-1807, Married Cornelia DEDERINGH in Padang in the same year. Edward James was commander on the vessel "Henry" 196 tons at 31st December 1804.

    Haven't been able to clarify the different birth dates.

    Best wishes,
    Thomas Helmer

  3. Thanks for the extra info, Thomas.