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Descendants of Frances Marie TOWNSEND

Through a stroke of luck, I found a possible marriage for Frances Marie, followed the details, and came up with a story and descendants. I will add more detail as I discover it.

Frances Marie Townsend
married Dr George William Frederic Paul, son of George William Paul and Emily Parkins, on 27 December 1905 at St Kilda, Victoria. Dr George William Frederic Paul was born on 1 March 1864 at 'Joy cottage', Sandal Magna, Yorkshire, England. Frances Marie Townsend and Dr George William Frederic Paul were registered at 826 Vulture Street (Cnr Vulture & Main Sts), Kangaroo Point, Queensland, on the electoral rolls dated 1913, 1919, & 1925. Frances Marie Townsend is registered at 826 Vulture Street (Cnr Vulture & Main Sts), Kangaroo Point, on the electoral roll dated 1937. She is also registered that year at “Ilford”, Amarina Avenue, Ashgrove along with William Noel Paul and Hilma Brazier Paul. In 1943, she is back in Sandgate at “Ilford”, Sunday Street, but is also registered at Drayton Street, Nanango. She is living in Nanango with William Noel and Hilma at Drayton Street in 1949. She then moves to Sydney, and we find her at 10 Waratah Street, Darlinghurst in 1954.

Frances died on 20 September 1962 at the Eventide Home, Sandgate. She was buried at Toowong Cemetery. Frances Marie Paul died 20 Sep 1962 aged 86. She is buried with her husband, father in law and her son. The death registration for Frances Marie Paul confirms that she was the daughter of William Townsend and Elizabeth Thomas.

George died at sea on 19 March 1937 aged 73. It was near Fremantle. There is a memorial inscription at Toowong Cemetery with his father, wife and youngest son.

  1. William Noel Paul b. 27 December 1900 at Prahran, Victoria, d.?
  2. Emily Gwendoline Elizabeth Paul b. 23 October 1906 at Cobar, NSW, d.?
  3. Frederic Charles Paul b. 24 June 1917 at Vulture Street, South Brisbane, d. 25 June 1917.

Dr George William Frederic Paul had previously married Margaret Smith on 21 June 1886 at Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland, England. George was widowed on 4 May 1905 at Molong, New South Wales. (It is interesting to note that Dr. Paul and Margaret (or Marguerite) lived in Kate Street, Sandgate for some time, and their children were all born there. More details follow below.)

William Noel Paul was also known as Townsend in some records. He was born on 27 December 1900 at Armadale or Prahran, Victoria. He attended Cobar School, Sydney & Brisbane Grammar Schools - he later became a Chemist/Pharmacist and practiced in NSW and QLD, at Weston, NSW, and Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.
William Noel Paul married (1) Pauline Marlan on 22 May 1926 at Waverley district, New South Wales. The 1930 electoral roll has them living at Kline Street, Weston, NSW.

William Noel Paul married (2) Hilma Brazier du Rietz in 1935 at Brisbane, Queensland. The 1936 electoral roll has them living in Sunday Street, Sandgate. In 1937 this couple is registered on the electoral roll at “Ilford”, Amarina Avenue, Ashgrove. William Noel and Hilma are at Drayton Street in 1943 and they continue to live at that address until at least 1954.

Children of Dr George William Frederic Paul’s First Marriage
George was a doctor. MRCS, Eng 1885, LRCP, London 1886, MD Brussels 1886; MOH City of Brisbane since 1927; member British Medical Association; served Kangaroo Point Military Hospital 1914-18. The children of his first marriage were:
  • Frederic Horace Paul b. 26 Feb 1889 at Sandgate, d. 26 Oct 1890 at Sandgate. Buried in Toowong cemetery.
  • George Francis Paul b. 12 May 1891 at Kate Street, Sandgate, d. 18 Apr 1916 at Sohag, Egypt, aged 24, of smallpox at Sohag Government Hospital, Egypt, aged 24, and was buried the next day in the Coptic Cemetery 5 miles from Sohag. He enlisted on 21 August 1914, in Brisbane and was on his way to out of Gallipoli when he fell ill.
  • Arthur James Paul b. 18 Jul 1892 at Kate Street, Sandgate, d. 14 May 1932 at Manly, NSW.  Arthur enlisted in 1915 and, like his younger brother, served in the Pay Corps in France. The electoral rolls show what appears to be a number of people by this name. His 1930 address is 31 Golf Parade, Manly, occupation clerk.
  • Claude Turner Paul b. 10 Aug 1894 at Sandgate, d. 30 Apr 1964 in Brisbane. Claude enlisted in 1915, and served in the Pay Corps in the Middle East, France, and England.

Claude Turner Paul married Beatrice Margaret Perman on 7 January 1919 at St John's, Putney, Middlesex, England. A certified extract of their marriage certificate can be found in his war service records. The 1919 electoral roll shows him at Shorncliffe, a clerk. 1925 places him and Beatrice Margaret at Sunday Street, Shorncliffe, clerk. They lived at Aplin Street, Stanthorpe, Queensland, 1930. In 1943, he is a battery manufacturer living at Hardgrave Road, West End. 1949 has them at Durham Court, New Farm (as well as the West End address) and Claude is again a clerk. In 1954, they are back at 129 Hardgrave Road, West End, still a clerk.

  • Frederick George Turner Paul b. 24 Jul 1920, d. 28 Aug 1996 at Sandgate.
Frederick George Turner Paul married (1) Vivian Mae Gardner on 25 October 1943 at Bundaberg, Queensland.  
Frederick George Turner Paul married (2) Ailsa Daphne Williamson on 2 August 1948 at Brisbane, QLD.

Frederic George Paul and Ailsa Daphne are at 129 Hardgrave Road, West End in 1949 at the same address as Claude (clerk) and Beatrice Margaret. 1954 sees them at 31 Dunbar Avenue, Morwell, Victoria, and Frederic George is in the RAAF.


  1. Did the fact of Dr.Paul marrying Margaret Smith at Berwick-on-Tweed have any influence on the alternate name for Townsend`s 'Mango Cottage'aka 'Berwick-on-Tweed? Roscoe

  2. Now there's a thought. I hadn't made the connection - chemo brain still rules, I'm afraid.

  3. Hi! I came across this blog purely by accident... I am the eldest grand-daughter of Frederick George Turner Paul and Ailsa Daphne Williamson!!

  4. G'day. Claude Turner Paul, my paternal grandfather, was known as Turner, not Claude. His wife was known as Trixie - and musicoholic, up there ^, was named, in part, for her.

    Also, Frances Marie was known as "Fanny" and, so family stories have it, was housekeeper to the Doctor and Marguerite - before Marguerite died, Cobar, NSW, in 1905.

    Also, also, there's no such (and never was) person as "Frederick George Turner Paul". It's Frederic - no k, as it was for all the other Frederic's before him (both paternal and maternal). (I hvae his birth certificate and his (2nd) marriage and death certificates.)
    Also, also, also - Frederic, known as Fred, married a 3rd time. Joyce A. Gardner (no relation to viv) survived her husband's passing in 1996 and continued to reside in Sandgate, just around the corner from the street that was named for the Doctor - i.e. Paul Street.

    (If you're at all interested, the Doctor's father was Judge Paul.)

    There were cousin's from Fanny's children - Jennifer, Beth, Tom and Wilma (all, I believe, Noel's and his wife (known to my mother as) Teddy's).

    Auntie Gwendo also had offspring (but I am failing on recalling names, other than Peter). Gwendo was an accomplished musician, who spent a goodly number of years persuing her career in London. Last I knew of Gwendo she was residing in a suburb of Sydney, but was, by then, rather elderly. I have since lost contact with that branch of the family and have no knowledge of her passing, or the lives/careers of her descendants.

    1. Thanks for all that. Spelling of names I get from newspapers, electoral rolls, BDM transcriptions, and descendants who get in touch with me and supply information. People's preferred names and nicknames can only come from interested family members.

      I've got "Auntie Gwendo" pretty well sorted out now, thanks to a granddaughter with whom I've been corresponding.

      Looking at timelines, between trips to London to study and so forth, it appears that Frances Marie would have known the Paul family in Sandgate at around the turn of the century.

      If either of you would like to get in touch with me directly I could send you a copy of the full document I have compiled (after I've done a search and destroy on the errant "k"s). It's close on 100 pages. Also a descedant's chart for the Captain, which is now over two metres long.

    2. You will be pleased to know that there were no errant "k"s to be hunted down. I had the names rendered correctly in the main document.

      Did Claude Turner Paul have any other children besides FGT Paul?

    3. Jenifer (one'n'),Beth, Tom and Hilma (not Wilma) were Noel and 'Teddy's' children.

    4. Ahhh ... I have some one 'n' Jenifers in my family, too. Thanks for the correction. I had found Hilma's birth notice in the Courier Mail, but have not much information on the other children.

  5. Those official sources aren't always correct with those spellings, either! (My mother's one uncle is known in the family as George, but his birth certificate says "Sorrel" (apparently Gr-GrDad had a really thick Swedish accent) - which nobody knew until I took mum to get some certificates in Brissie back in the 1980's-1990's.)

    Way cool on Auntie Gwendo's g-daughter. She (Aunty Gwendo) was my Godmother as well as being my father's half-aunt (he always thought she was his step-aunt, until I showed him the actual family relationships).

    Trixie and Turner only had the one child, Fred (no k! *grin*). There was never any mention, official documents wise, or family talk wise, of any deceased siblings. (My mother's family had plenty of those.)

    Dad's 3rd wife, Joyce, was Joyce Audrey Cook née Gardner (although, again, it has been spelt as Gardiner, as was Viv's last name - but, however it was spelt, it was the same for both of them, yet they were not related (that dad and Joyce knew, anyway)). Dad and Joyce had no children, so we three are dad's only offspring. Dad had known his cousins - Noel's children - (athough I could not tell you how WELL) as it was he who corrected some things for me regarding Noel (William Noel, Gwendo's older (and *cough Doctor should have kept his pants buttoned! cough*) brother.)
    Dad also told me that his Uncle George (Geo. Francis) was at Gallipoli and that is why his two brothers (Turner and Arthur) signed up. That he (Geo.) had gone from Gallipoli to Egypt and there contracted the smallpox (dad only knew he'd died there, not from what) that killed him. (You have him as dying (1916) before he went to Gallipoli (1915) - which may be, as I never did get to ask the War Records folk that question as I was/am not the eldest child and there was some regulation that only allowed the info to go to the eldest (AGEISM!).

    Turner's mother is listed on his birth certificate (as well as on the deceased sibling's tombstone) as Marguerite, not Margaret.

    The first I'd ever heard of my grandmother (Trixie) being sometimes known as Margaret Beatrice was about 5 or so years ago. She NEVER mentioned herself as anything except Beatrice Margaret and if you mentioned her having been born in Ireland you could see her back stiffen and hear the ice enter her voice as she would say "I am ENGLISH" and the plums would rattle around her mouth. (I loved her dearly, but some little things such as that amused me so.)

    Fanny was in London with Gwendo when the Doctor died "at sea". As best we can gtell, they'd gone over together and he'd had to return for some reason, so travelled alone. His death certificate places him dying at Lat 32:02 North and Long 115:22 East and lists him as"Assistant Surgeon. The ship was the TSS Esperance Bay (and the doctor of record added one of those errant k's!). No spouse or children are listed on this certificate.

    Dunno (heh) how much of the above is helpful, or even of interest, but here 'tis! :o)

    (Those errant k's are also found on

    1. Also, the WW1 records are all digitised and open for viewing by anyone at the National Archives of Australia website. That's where I got the service record information for the brothers.

      (And the Esperance Bay was, by coincidence, the ship my Dad travelled on when a boy to visit his grandparents in England.)

  6. If you go to
    then the newspaper reports suggests that Frances Marie was on the ship, and carried on to London after Dr Paul's death.
    will show you some of the conversation I've had with Gwendo's granddaughter. The rest was by email when I realised who she was.

  7. Interesting reads. :o)

    I have a question (pretty much NOT expecting an answer to this as the folks involved are all dead and gone) - IF the Doctor was going TO London AND Fanny was with him (and it was known she was) - WHY does his official death certificate list "no known spouse" and "no known children/offspring"? (I asked this years ago, which was when I was told he was coming FROM England. I didn't have the knowledge, time, or the resources, to follow any of it up, so some things have remained questions for me.)

    (See what I meant about official things not always being correct? Either the official story is wrong, or the official death certificate totally missed out on listing the spouse who was travelling WITH the deceased. They cannot both be correct.)

    My info on the Doctor returning to Aus was from my mum who didn't remember any details. Unfortunately.
    I did find out years ago that the ship put in at Perth not that long after buryng the Doctor at sea. Another question then arises (again, one my mum could not answer) - IF they knew they were to put in to Perth within a day or so, WHY, then, did thy bury him at sea? It's not as though he was carrying a disease, or plague, or anything.

    I've been away from Aus, now, since December of 1998, so those changes regards stuff now being online are way new to me! Thanks for the info. :o)

    Dunno (heh) if it's of interest (again), as we're NOT descended from Fanny, even though we're related to her offspring and their offspring (by way of the Doctor), but my dad (Fred, or FGT) and his mum (Trixie) lived in the Sandgate/Brighton/Shornecliffe area until their deaths. (The nursing home Grandma was in just prior to her death (11th July, 1988) may officially be in Deagon, but it's so much Sandgate it may as well have been.) Dad's house (with Joyce) no longer exists as the Freemason's Home took it over and bulldozed it after he died. (We knew long beforehand that this was what was to happen to that house. Shame, really, 'cause I can't drive past it and point it out anymore. It's just a car park now.)

    You listed, somewhere, that Turner and Trixie seemed to be living both in West End and in New Farm. I believe that was not BOTH of them, but she was in the flat in West End while he, during a period of separation, lived in New Farm.
    The house in West End (still there last time *I* went by (aeons ago - like a dozen lifetimes and more)) and why my parents and his parents appeared to share the dwelling. It was actually a house divided into 2 flats and my mum lived in the smaller, while dad and his folks lived in the larger. Apparently when Trixie understood my parents were "becoming interested" she did everything she could to spike the relationship - including dragging out any photographs she had of Viv and mentioning Viv and how much in love with her Fred still was.
    It was a rather uncomfortable time for my mum - and it continued until she was expecting her only child. (That's an "in joke" on MY side of my family. I'm not sure who-all would get it other than my children. ;oP)

    I wish I could put my hands on all my records, certificates and research done via microfilm and microfiche, as well as many hours of hand scribbled notes - but they're all packed away and I couldn't for the life of me tell myself, let alone anyone else, which box to undo.
    Most of the certificates I currently have are those I paid for so mum could research HER family.

    (I'm-a gonna (heh) have to remain "Anonymous" for posting as I don't have an account here - and I have no wish to create one. I don't with to give up even MORE of what little privacy online I have or to feed the stalkers.)

    1. Thanks for clearing up the doubled-up addresses on the Electoral Rolls.

      Very strange about Dr Paul's death certificates. Still, some strange (mis)information comes up on those at times. Two of my great-grandfathers have incorrect info on their death certificates.

      You can be anonymous here, no worries. However, if you do want to contact me direct and receive the full document, feel free.

  8. I don't with to give up even - Heh, that should be don't WISH to give up.
    (I don't have a clue where that t came from!)

  9. Further to Uncle George and my father telling me that him (Geo F) being at Gallipoli was the reason Turner and Arthur J signed up in 1915 -- the 1st Light Horse Brigade first saw action during the Dardanelles Campaign in the Battle of Gallipoli. They were withdrawn TO Egypt in February of 1916 - right about when Geo F was admitted to hospital complaining of a sore throat (and whatever) and diagnosed with diptheria AND scarlet fever (poor guy!).
    The note on Geo F's records says "Proceeding to join M E F G'poli Pen 5/5/15 - that's 5th MAY 1915 - almost a year before he died in Egypt.

    The 1st Light Horse Brigade Train underwent some name changes after Gallipoli - the first being 1st Supply Section, February 1916 to 32nd Australian Army Service Corps Company in February 1917 (almost a year after Geo F died, but this - the AASC - is what's listed on the documents.

    So, basically, so far as I can see/tell, dad's *knowing* that Uncle George went to Gallipoli looks pretty good, especially if that was the first engagement for the Brigade and Geo was with them from the beginning (signup #8 after declaration of war).
    The other two signed up in 1915 (after Gallipoli) and were pay corps (which you already know/have).
    Trixie served in France during WWI - in communications. (Her beloved brother Frederic - for whom she always declared my dad was named - died during WWI.) It was some time during this period when Turner and Trixie met and married.

    Turner was somewhat of a card/wag (and Trixie was so prim and proper - which is probably why they separated a couple of times; and IS why he used to do work on ships traveling up and down the east coast) and took great delight in telling people that he and Trixie were married in January and Fred was born in July. He NEVER mentioned it was July of the NEXT YEAR! (Leaving Trixie all a-blush with mortification!)

    Ok, that needs to be it from me for now. (I'm neglecting work!)

  10. OK, so I must have missed that bit in the records. Will amend the main document.

    I like the Turner and Trixie story. Will try to work it into the main narrative.

  11. Geoff_D wrote -
    > Thanks for clearing up the doubled-up addresses on the Electoral Rolls.

    Heh, no worries. It's confusing enough doing this stuff without those extra bits of confusion.

    Geoff_D wrote -
    > Very strange about Dr Paul's death certificates. Still, some strange (mis)information comes up on those at times. Two of my great-grandfathers have incorrect info on their death certificates.

    Yeah .. lots of strangenesses. Sometimes it's due to the handwriting of the person filling out the forms/writing letters/whatever. Sometimes it's incorrect transcription later, when the handwritten stuff was being TYPEwritten - as with Geo. F's hospitalisation notes. Did *you* notice where the typewritten transcription listed the hospital at Sohag as being, instead, at sChag?
    (Mother and I encountered a few of these things when researching her family .. including as unyet deciphered sibling to her great-(my grt-grt) grandmother. We made some "best guesses" based on the church minister's handwriting on other certificates, but that's all it's likely to be given the dates of those events.)
    I think I already mentioned mother's uncle's name.

    Same with Trixie, really. The only place I have ever seen her mentioned as "Margaret Beatrice" instead of the known and more normal "Beatrice Margaret" was on the record in Ireland. In everything else - official (family filled in, I presume, not left to a clerk) census forms and all family stuff, including everything I've ever seen from her - she's Beatrice Margaret. Her signature was usually B M Paul (unless she were writing to her grandchildren or great-grands (my children, as I don't know if my younger brother's 3 girls ever met her (different state and all))), when she'd sign respectively Grandma or Nanna.

    I also have to wonder if similar were not the reason for the varying Margaret/Marguerite for Turner's mum. Of course, there also exists the possibility that she simply preferred the French spelling (and I'm a huge advocate for people being allowed to spell their name howver they wish - or to change it if they so wish - unfortunately, once we're "in the machine" you just can't do that without huge hassles).

    I saw somewhere that there is a ? next to Trixie's place of death. She died pretty much in Sandgate (well, technically, I suppose it's Deagon, but I always felt that was rather arbitrary!), at least so memory tells me. I'd need to check (although it may be easier for you to, as you're actually IN Queensland!), but I'm 95% sure she was at Yallambee Lodge (the Nursing Home part is where she'd been for something around 9 months prior) at that time. (In other words, I don't think she'd been carted off to hospital or anything.)
    Prior to Yallambee Lodge, she'd been living up on Park Road (I think it's Road - so long ago now .. but I could drive you right to the gate!), Shorncliffe. Before that, she'd been some place in Brighton for years - but I've no memory of anything in between.

    Dad always said that his uncle (but never NAMED said uncle) had lived - and died - in the Masonic Home which is where he spent his own last few months. I did wonder if that was Arthur James, or some OTHER uncle more directly related to his granddad (the Doctor) than to me - especially as those generations often called older cousins "uncle" or "aunt".

    (To be continued next post - apparently *gasp* I talk too much!)

  12. Up above .. "including as unyet deciphered sibling" REALLY should read "including an as yet undeciphered sibling" *sigh*.
    (Any other typo's are, hopefully, easy to decipher what's meant!)

    Continued from above! :o)

    Did you know that both the Judge and the Doctor were mentioned in the Who's Who of their days?
    (I tried to look that up online, but no luck - or I was using the wrong keywords.)
    I remember getting a small thrill when I read that back when I could still do such research at my local library. (I also have some vague idea Fanny's dad was mentioned in at least one - but that may be a mis-remembering.)

    Henrietta's family name "Roericht" has also been spelt "Rochricht" and "Roehricht" and I have to wonder if that's another instance of mis-transcribing. (I was also told "Auntie Ettie" was Henrietta Maria, not Matilda - but that may have been something within the family, not anything anywhere else.)
    Father knew her as Aunty Ettie as she'd been the nurse in attendance at his birth and had a place next door (next door may be relative, as I think the street numbers were a few apart) to the Doctor's place at Main Street, Kangaroo Point.

    Claude TURNER was actually named for his father's great friend Dr A. Jefferis TURNER (I think that A was for Arthur, but I don't recall ever writing it down anywhere, so it may equally be something else).
    Dr A. Jefferis Turner is the attending physician who signed off on the judge's death certificate.

    I can't remember if you've any info on the Doctor's siblings and their offspring, but I always found their mentions in the Judge's will to be of interest and I wondered if Aunty Gwendo's "Gwendolyn" came from the daughter of Arthur Edmond (Snr) and Florence (Arthur Edmond Snr (born NSW 1862) being the Judge's eldest son - who predeceased him by a number of years).

    I grew up with only - so far as I knew - 2 cousins who lived in far away Queensland. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found out we actually had dozens and dozens of relatives - on both sides of the family - some of whom had been living not far from where I grew up!
    I had not known, until then, that I had any Paul relatives at all, being that dad was an only child and all. (Your own-child's mind never thinks that the next generation or two up from your parents are also related to you.)

    I just wish I'd been able to meet more of them before it was "too late". I also wish I'd paid more attention to/written down/tape recorded more stuff as my oldies talked about it to me. (I tried that with mum a few times, but gave up because she was so hyper aware of the recorder that she'd freeze up and get all stilted, yet the minute I turned it off and put away the mike, she'd loosen up and the stories would flow.)

    Let me know if my rambling/streams of consciousness get too much - as I know they're mostly not at all related to the main topic here (the Townsend family) - except tangentially.

  13. I don't mind all this info coming in. Even though I started writing about Capt Townsend, the Paul family is also an important part of Sandgate's history.

    I could probably find the Who's Who entries on Bit busy for the next week, but after that I'll take a peek.

    In my great grandfather's work diaries of around 1903-1904 there's mention of work being done for Miss Roehricht but great grandad had trouble rendering her name in writing. Something about a fire and repairs and other building works.

    As for stuff in the blog posts containing slightly dodgy information, I long ago decided that it was too confusing to do too much editing as new and better stuff came in, relying on the comments to inform the readers. However, it all gets worked into the main document I have off-line.

    Anyhow, must be off to Sandgate Museum - a busy few days there what with the AGM tomorrow and Anzac Day on Wednesday, on top of today's activities.

  14. I previously wrote -
    > ...I wondered if Aunty Gwendo's "Gwendolyn" came from the daughter of Arthur Edmond (Snr) and Florence...

    Of course, since being linked to this blog and attempting to read as much of it as I can, I now also have seen that there is at least one "Gwendoline" (spelling/s aside, it's basically the same name) on Aunty Gwendo's MATERNAL side - as it was with my dad's Frederic.

    (Y'know - I'm so glad I gave my kids their OWN first names (even if I "saddled" them with family names thereafter), so there'll be little confusion for our gr-gr-gr-grandchildren when they decide to do a tree.
    They, too, have done the same for THEIR children.)

    I'm not overly worried aabout these posts having slightly inaccurate info. You've obviously done a sterling job of trying to get it all as accuate as is possible. I'm simply prone to mentioning things as *I* see them, which doesn't always take into account that said thing may have already been corrected/amended/emended. :o)

    I must look for a new forum avatar for the 25th this year. My usual one is on a dead/dying computer and inaccessible.

    Lest We Forget.

  15. William Noel Paul died on 24th June 1974. He was living at the Freemason's Home at Sandgate at the time. He is buried in the Redcliffe cemetery in a double plot with his wife 'Teddy' (Hilma Brazier Paul, nee du Reitz). Their eldest daughter, Jenifer Claire Paul died on October 6th 1978 and is also buried in the Redcliffe Cemetery. (I am Jenifer's eldest daughter.)

  16. Many thanks for that information, Judi. Much appreciated. Slowly, the blanks are filled in on the more recent generations.

  17. So, Judi, we're cousins! *waves madly*

    I got the names of Noel's kids from some documents in either a library or the Archives (it's been so long since I did all that stuff I don't rightly recall!), so thanks from me for the correct spellings.
    (Of course, I'm guessing my dad had never seen them written, so had no idea, either.)

    Something almost - my mum told me once, many, many, many years ago (long before she died and, in fact, long before we moved from Victoria to Queensland) that she had originally considered naming me Jennifer Anne and didn't only because of the initials.

    Cheers, folks. I'll pop back again to see how this is going! :o)

  18. i have a photo of my Aunt Yvonne Walker with a George Townsend, circa 1947(?), which shows her young, beautiful and pregnant. Not sure of location but she grew up Gympie/Wilvoi area then moved to Brisbane. They are clearly a couple. I was always told my Aunt Yvonne was childless. As she is Aboriginal its quite possible any child was taken from her, and not allowed to know of her/us. Any knowledge of this in your thread? The child would be my first cousin. Thanks Melissa Lucas

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