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Descendants of Maria Augusta TOWNSEND

Maria Augusta TOWNSEND
Married to Theodorus Elink Schuurman on 4 January 1862 at Padang. Theodorus was born on 27th June 1821 in Utrecht, the son of Hendrikus Elink Schuurman and Antoinetta Gerardina Duuring. He died in Padang on 4th May 1876.

Theodorus’ grave inscription reads: Hier rust Theodoor Elink Schuurman, geb Utrecht 27-6-1821, overleden 4-5-1876, echtg van Maria Augusta Townsend. (Here lies Theodoor ELink Schurman, born Utrecht 27-6-1821, died 4-5-1876, husband of Maria Augusta Townsend.)

  • Clementine Ceccillia Antoinetta Elink Schuurman. (1863-1924)
  • Antoinetta Elink Schuurman b. 1 January 1865, d. 28 May 1900 in Padang.
  • William Theodoor Elink Schuurman (1866-1866)
  • Gerrit Elink Schuurman (1867-????)
  • H.I. Schuurman (1870-1871)
  • Wilhelm Ludwich Elink Schuurman (1873-????)
  • Euphemia Clementina Elink Schuurman (1875-1905
Clementine Ceccillia Antoinetta Elink Schuurman. Married to Karel Constant Hubert Sadee on 20th September 1879 in Padang. Karel was born on 8th February 1843 in Venlo, the son of Gustaaf Sadee and Cecilia Margaretha Jansen. He was a military man, who died in Padang on 9th June 1919. Clementine died on 14th December 1924, in Padang. All the children were born in Padang.


  1. Cecilia Margaretha Sadee b. 5-3-1883, d. ????
  2. Maria Augusta Sadee b. 13 October 1884, d.????. Married D.k..Boele in 1906. No information on chidren.
  3. Gustaaf Theodoor Sadee (1887-????). 1909 employee of the sugar mill Waringin Anom in Sitoebondo, 1910 sugar mill Wonolangan in Probolinggo, 1915 agent of the firm Lelyveld and Co.
  4. Clementine Caroline Sadee b. 22 January 1890, d. 13 April 1945 in den Haag. Married Marie Henri Alexander de Rooij in 1913. No information on children
  5. Antoinette Henriette Sadee b. 22 August 1896, d. 13 March 1987 in den Haag. Married Albertus Franciscus Reinerus Kleyn (b 24 June 1893 in Amsterdam, d. 15 May 1963 in Paradiso, Switzerland) on 16 October 1919 in Padang. No information on children.
Gerrit Elink Schuurman. Married to Helen Mathilde Vogler (his cousin?) on 4 February 1891 in Malang. He was known to be, in 1899, an employee of the plantation company Goenoeng Sari in Malang. In 1919 the family is in Semarang, 1922 in Magelang, and 1926-27 in Makassar.

  1. Louise Maria Elink Schuurman b. 7 March 1894 in Padang, d.????. No further information.

Wilhelm Ludwich Elink Schuurman
. First married to Hendrika Elizabeth Roeland (?-1916) on 7th October 1902 at Probolinggo.


  1. Theodoor Elink Schuurman b. 30 December 1892 in Pasuruan, d.????. No further information.
  2. Cornelie Wilhelmina Elink Schuurman b. 5 February 1894 in Pasuruan, d.????. No further information.

Next married J.W. Wisse in 1923. No further information.

Euphemia Clementina Elink Schuurman. Married to Nicolaas Companjen on 18th July 1893 at Padang. Nicolaas was born in 1862 in St. Petersburg, Russia, the son of Wichter Companjen and Aaltjen Kruijs. He died on 11th October1921 in Apeldoorn. Euphemia died in Semarang on 29 th January 1905.


  1. Maria Augusta Companjen 16-9-1894 in Semarang, d. 13-4-1944 in Apeldoorn. Married Carel Johan Anton Snorn in Apeldoorn on 3rd August 1915.
  2. Evelina Maria Companjen b. 2-8-1901 in Semarang, d. ?
  3. Euphemia Clementina Companjen b. 7-5-1903 in Semarang, d.?


  1. Found a reference that Maria August Townsend was owner of the Onderneming "Oedjoeng Karang". The Oedjong Karang is a river not to far from Padang.

  2. It's where Padang's fresh water supplies originate, now.

  3. Dear Geoff and Thomas,

    That is right, Maria Augusta Townsend owned the onderneming "Oedjoeng Karang". After she died, her daughter, Cecilia Margaretha Sadee became owner of Oedjoen Karang. This Cecilia is the sister of my grandmother, Antoinette Henriette Sadee, born 22-08-189 and died 13-04-1987 in The Hague, the Netherlands. We are really interested in the parents of Clementina Cecilia Sohpia Chew, daughter of Dr John Chew and Isabelle Rachel Stewart. If you have any more information, please would you be so kind as to let us know? My e-mail adress is: renee.hoogers@chello.nl. Thank you so much also on behalf of my two sisters.

    Kind regards


  4. If you want to know more about the descendants of Elink Schuurman and Nicolaas Companjen, let me know.
    Nicolaas was my great grandfather, and I know the entire family....
    My e-mail address is: overbean@nycap.rr.com
    Jenny Overeynder-Companjen.

  5. Hi there , My Name is Adrienne Boele my Opa (gran dad) Richard Dirk Boele is Marie Augusta Boele nee Sadee's Son feel free to email me at adrienne_boele79@Hotmail.com