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Descendants of Isabella Rachel TOWNSEND

Isabella Rachel Townsend married Donald Grant Maclean in 1874. In 1875 a son, Donald Fitzroy Maclean, was born in Queensland.

After that, the whole family seems to vanish. Thanks to the information from Thomas Helmer, I will continue the story as I have again picked up the thread.

Isabella Rachel Townsend
married Donald Grant Maclean in 1874. Donald, son of Andrew Maclean and Clara Harrison, was educated at the Royal Military College of Scotland. He died in 1875, and Isabella remarried . Their only son, Donald Fitzroy Maclean, died in 1876.

Isabella Rachel Townsend then married Robert Raff on 21st July 1880 in Sydney. They were married by the Reverend Dr. Fullerton. Robert was born on 22nd January 1845, the son of George Raff and Harriet Agnes Bourne and the eldest of 12 children. Robert died in Brisbane in 1920. Isabella Rachel died in Brisbane in 1931.

Isabella and Robert had six children:
  • George Wyven Raff born 27th March 1881, Thursday Island, and died in 1952. Served in the 11th Light Horse, 5th Reinforcements, in Egypt as a driver. He appears not to have married.
  • Harriet Raff born in Brisbane on 4th May 1882, who was a nurse. She married William Alexander Fox in 1914. Harriet appears to have died in 1930.
  • Robert Raff born in Sandgate, Brisbane on 3rd August 1883, died 23rd March 1968. He appears not to have married.
  • William Morey (Moray) Raff born in Salem Cottage, Sandgate, Brisbane on 1st August 1886, died 1960. In 1914, he married Nellie McGregor Foord, the daughter of George Scobbie (Foord?) and Hannah Dickie. Nellie died in 1951.
  • Isabella Clementina Raff born in Brisbane on 31st March 1888 and died in Brisbane on 13th December 1979. She married George Alexander Campbell Ainslie, son of Edward Campbell Ainslie and Harriet Agnes Fullerton (late Sands),  in 1915; he had been a master mariner, but was a clerk in later life. They had one daughter, Mona Campbell Ainslie. George died in 1952.
  • Charles Stewart Raff born in Brisbane on 26th July 1890 and died in Brisbane on 30th January 1981. He married Minnie May Quinn in 1917.

In the 1903 Electoral Rolls, Robert and Isabella Rachel are registered at Frans Road, Nundah (now Franz Road in Clayfield). Robert describes himself as being of independent means. In 1905, they are at Stoneleigh Street, Albion, with Robert Raff Jr. The elder Robert has no occupation, the younger Robert is a carter.
In 1908, we have the family at Eliza Street, either Clayfield or Nundah; George Wyben, labourer, Harriet and Isabella, home duties, Robert, ranger, and William Moray, no occupation stated. The 1913 roll has most of the family at Nudgee Road, Hendra; Charles Stuart, butcher, George Wyven, labourer, Harriet, dressmaker, Isabella Clementina and Isabella Rachel, home duties, Robert, accountant, and William Moray, salesman. Robert Raff Jr is at "Buckerell", Nudgee Road, carter. 1921 sees Charles Stuart, butcher, Minnie May, George Wyven, sawyer, and Isabella Rachel at Byers Street, Newstead. By 1925, Isabella Rachel is at Constance Street, Fortitude Valley and Charles Stuart, butcher, and Minnie May are at Ross Street, Newstead.

In 1937, George Wyven is at 11 Wyandra Street, Fortitude Valley, sawyer, living alone. 1943 and 1949 sees him at Leopold Street, Fortitude Valley, same occupation.

Robert Raff
Born at Sandgate. We can trace his early movements through the electoral rolls with his parents. In 1919, however, he has moved to the corner of McKinlay and Mitchell Streets, Townsville, cellarman, care of Mrs Rose. By 1925, he is storeman at the Australian Hotel, Townsville. In 1930 and 1937, he is a storeman with the address Palmer Street, Townsville. By 1943, he is back in Brisbane residing with Charles Stuart and Minnie May at Henderson Street, Bulimba. He remains there in 1949 and 1954, probably until his death. There is photo on the Queensland State Library website that shows a R. Raff as a member of the premiership winning Toombul football team.

William Morey Raff
Born at Sandgate. After his marriage to Nellie McGregor Foord, we find them in 1925 at Ascot Street, Hendra. They are at the same address in 1936, 1937, 1943, and 1949. In 1954, after Nellie's death, William Moray is alone at 14 Merton Road, Wooloongabba, apparently in retirement.

Isabella Clementina Raff
After her marriage, in 1917 she is residing at Lang Parade, Auchenflower, then in 1919 we find the Ainslie family in “Birmar”, Geelong Street, Wooloongabba. George gives his occupation as clerk. In 1925, they are residing at “Quilty”, Arthur Street off Ipswich Road, Buranda. By 1937, this address has been refined to 44 Arthur Street, Buranda. In 1943 and 1949, their address is “Quilty”, 44 Harrogate Street, Buranda, and in 1949 their daughter Mona Campbell Ainslie, clerk-typist, is also registered at that address. The 1954 rolls have only Isabella and Mona living at 44 Harrogate Street, Buranda, as George had passed away in 1952.


  1. Donald Grant MACLEAN was educated at the Royal Military College of Scotland.

    Isabella Rachel TOWNSEND married Robert RAFF on 27th July 1880 in Sydney. Robert was born on 22nd Janaury 1845 son of George RAFF and Harriet Agnes BOURNE as the eldest of 12 children.
    Robert Raff was into pearling and cattle. Isabella was very kind to Aborigines at their station in contrast to her husband.

    Isabella and Robert had six children:
    - George Wyben RAFF born 27th March 1881
    - Harriet born in Brisbane on 4th May 1882 who was a nurse
    - Robert born in Brisbane on 3rd August 1883, died 23rd March 1968
    - William Morey born in Brisbane on 1st August 1886
    - Isabella Clementine born in Brisbane on 31st March 1888 and died in Brisbane on 13th December 1979, married George Alexander Campbell AINSLIE in 1915, he was a master mariner, they had one daughter
    - Charles Stuart born in Brisbane on 26th July 1890 and died in Brisbane on 30th January 1981..

  2. Well, that explains the disappearance. And you have filled in quite a lot of the story. Many thanks.

  3. Donald Grant MACLEAN came from a military family:

    His father Andrew Maclean, was born 10 Apr 1812, Edinburgh, the 3rd youngest of 15 children of Donald Roy Maclean of Kinloch W.S.and Lillias Grant and died 1908, Kew, married in 1838 in London Clara Holland Harrison, born 1820 in London.

    He was the great grandson of Lt-Col Charles Maclean of Drimnin who led the Clan in the absence of his Chief at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

    He was General of 11th Hussars Regiment of Sandhurst and Argylshire (tbc).

    The children were:
    - Harry Thomas Harrison Maclean, born 1840, died 1844.
    - Clara Rosa Maclean, born 27 Apr 1843, Sheffield, died Jun 1939, London. Not married.
    - Edith Catharine Maclean, born 1845, Manchester married (Capt.) C W Fothergill. 2s 2d
    - Harry Aubrey de Vere Maclean, born 15 Jun 1848, died 5 Feb 1920. See above.
    - Alice Lillias Maclean, born 1849 London married (Admiral Sir) Charles Edward Madden. 1s.
    - Louise Flora Maclean married (Gen. Sir) Duncan Cameron. No children. (Continued Page 11)
    - Donald Grant Maclean born 21 Nov 1852 Kent died 1 Aug 1875, Queensland, Australia, married in 1874 Isabella Rachel Townsend. 1s.
    - Fitzroy Beresford Maclean, born 13 Jun 1854, married Mary Norris. No children.
    - Allen Bruce Maclean, born 10 Mar 1858, died 1918 married Anna Margaret Erskine. 1s 1d.
    - Charles Gordon Maclean born 25 Oct 1859 Kent died 1939 Australia married 1.1885 India Anne Smith born 1868 died cir 1895 2s 2d. Married 2. 1902 India Jessie Eluvin. 4s 8d.
    - Mary Margharetta Maclean born Kew, died 31 Dec 1895 Casablanca, Morocco. Not married.
    - Archibald Douglas Maclean born 18 Sep 1862 Kent married 1895 Amy Theodora Margaret Harrison. 1s.

    Ref.: Family papers in archives of Clan Maclean Association in Australia Inc.