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Descendants of Austin Edward TOWNSEND

Brisbane Courier, 24 April 1895.

Austin Edward TOWNSEND
Married to (1) Suzanna Sara van der Vlist on 2nd October 1869 at Batavia (Jakarta). Suzanna was born on 14th December 1848 in Benkoelen (Bengkulu) and died on 19th February 1885 in s’Gravenhage, The Netherlands. She was the daughter of Jacob Dirk Martin Van der Vlist and Antonette Fontignies
  • Caecilia Helena Townsend b.?, d. 21-11-1870 in Batavia.
  • William Townsend b. 4-7-1871 in Batavia, d.11-3-1956 in Eindhoven. Married in Batavia on 5th November 1913, but further details unknown, apart from an address for 20th Oktober 1946 in The Netherlands, (Ermelo, Groeneweg 17 )
  • Edward Townsend b. 23-1-1873 in Batavia, d. 14-2-1938 in Ermelo.
  • Marij Maria Eleonora Anna Townsend b. 16-4-1874 in Batavia, d. 14-12-1944 in Cidengkamp. Buried in Kalibanteng, Semarang. Appears not to have married.
  • Theodoor Townsend b. 1875?, d. 7-5-1875 in Batavia.

Married to (2) Diedja.
  • Isabella Mary Townsend b. 29-4-1892 in Cicuruk, Sukabumi, d. 20-10-1969 in Almelo
Edward Townsend. Married to Petronella Wilhelmina van Kruistum on 22nd April 1909 in Ede. Petronella was born in Ede on 19 June 1887, and died in Utrecht on 24th December 1970. She was the daughter of Marinus van Kruistum and Sophia Gijsbertse.

  1. Just Townsend. b. 9-1-1910 in Apeldoorn, d. 3-4-1945 in Brandenburg, Germany. Buried in Oranienburg, Germany. Appears to have died in Sachsenhausen concentration camp.
  2. Edward Townsend b. 23-2-1911 in Apeldoorn, d.? No further details.
  3. Sophia Townsend b. 27-2-1915 in Ede, d. ? in New Zealand. Migrated to New Zealand on 18th May 1951. Possible death on 31 July 1996 of a Sophia Anja Postma, born on the 27 February 1915, who can be found by searching for Sophia Townsend in the NZ BDM. Retired poultry farmer, buried in Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland. Did she marry (and was she widowed?) before she left the Netherlands?
  4. William Townsend b. 15-5-1916 in Amsterdam, d. ? in New Zealand. Migrated to New Zealand on 18th May 1951. Possible death and cremation on 6th June 1989 for a William Townsend, retired poultry farmer, in Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland.
  5. Austin Edward Townsend b. 29 -1-1920 in Veenendaal, d.?. Married on 8th November 1945. Spouse appears to still be living. No further details.
  6. Pieter Townsend b. 29-7-1922 in Ermelo, d. 9-3-1923 in Ermelo.
Isabella Mary Townsend. Married to Saronus Alphonsus Hendrinus Goedhart (1892-1965) on 5th July 1911 in Semarang. Saronus was the son of Hendrik Goedhart and Hendrina Frederika Pattiwael.

  1. Louise Justine Hendrina Goedhart b. 11-9-1911 in Semarang, d. 6-9-1982 in Enschede. Married Frans Portier (b. 27-10-1915 in Solo, d. 17-6-2007 in Enschede) in Solo on 24th May 1944. Frans was the son of Anthonie Portier. Children: Donald Maximiliaan Portier b. 26-6-1945 in Solo, d.1967 in Amsterdam. Eugenie Marie (Mies) Portier b. 15-9-1949 in Semarang, d.?. Frans later married Henny Boswinkel on 2nd February 1999, in Enschede.
  2. Hendrik Jacques Alphons Goedhart b. 1-10-1912 in Blora, Central Java, d. 16-10-1945 in Batavia. Married Jaenette Herbig (b.4-8-1913 in Kendal, d. 1-1-1988 in Bergin on Zoom) in Semarang on 3rdAugust 1938. Jaenette was the daughter of Charles Herbig and Usnij Leonora Chenoreta Simon. There appears to be 2 children still living.
  3. Johan Napoleon Goedhart b. 1-9-1914 in Meester Cornelis, Batavia, d.9-9-1945 in Surakarta, Central Java. Married Loeki C M Leidelmeyer in 1937. There appears to be 1 child still living.
  4. Nico Rudolf Goedhart b. 9-10-1915 in Sabang, Aceh, d.31-1-2005 in Almelo. Married Sophia Amelia Soepitah (b. 15-4-1928 in Tangerang, d. 10-11-1993 in Almelo) in Batavia on 20th November 1946. There appears to be 10 children still living, in addition to Christina F Goedhart, b. 31-7-1951 in Semarang, d. 4-8-1951 in Semarang.
  5. Lambertus Martinus Goedhart b, 17-7-1918 in Weltevreden, Batavia, d.18-10-1945 in Batavia. Married ? Portier, date and place unknown. It appears that their sole child is still living.
  6. Harry Austin Goedhart b.19-9-1922 in Meester Cornelis, Batavia, d. 16-12-2005 in Almelo. Married Ada Nio Lie (b. 5-3-1918 in Madiun, d. 15-1-2003 in Almelo) on 30th November 1955 in Semarang. Ada Nio Lie was the daughter of Boen Fioe Lie. There appears to be 5 children still living.
Meester Cornelis is now that part of Jakarta known as Jatinegara.
Weltevreden is now that part of Jakarta known as Gambir.
Almelo and Ermelo are municipalities in The Netherlands.
Apeldoorn is a municipality about 60km south of Amsterdam.
Ede is a municipality in the centre of The Netherlands.
Enschede is a municipality on the eastern border of The Netherlands.


  1. Many thanks to the good people of B-G Forums for helping out with the New Zealand connections.

  2. It seems that there was another daughter of Diedja, one Marianne Angela Edmunde Townsend. Thanks to Jeffrey for this information.

  3. Sophia Townsend was married to my late uncle Henricus Postma. My uncle died in a car crash in New Zealand on 29 September 1964. Sophia and Henricus married in 1957 (don't know the date). As far as I know, Sophia died on 31 July 1996. Please feel free to contact me for more information: erikpost@home.nl