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Descendants of Letitia Wilhelmine TOWNSEND.

Letitia Wilhelmine Townsend
Married to Karel van Erpecum on 28th May 1884 at Padang. Karel was born on 9-10-1856 in Scheidam, Netherlands, and died in Mataram, Lombok on 30-9-1894. He appears to have been a military man, making the rank of Captain in 1892.

  • Theresia Louise van Erpecum b. 2-3-1885 in Padang, d.27-1-1960 in La Hestra, Brussels.
  • Karel van Erpecum b. 22-11-1886 in Padang, d. 27-7-1917 in Makassar. In 1911, he was a First Lieutenant at Cimahi, West Java. No known marriage.
  • Laurens van Erpecum b. 17-3-1888 in Padang, d.27-1-1954 in Voorburg.
  • Gerrit Willem van Erpecum b. 12-8-1891 in Den Haag, d. 11-2 -1892 in Schiedam.
  • Willem van Erpecum b. 12 -8-1894 in Batavia, d. 8-12-1924 in Weltevreden.

Letitia died on 19th September 1934, in Padang.

Theresia Louise van Erpecum
Married to Valerius Geertruidus Andringa Boll on 6th August 1906 at Meester Cornelis, Java, Indonesia. Valerius was born 26-3-1882 in Dinther, and died 13-10-1954 in Vught. He was the son of Adriaan Marius Boll and Emilia Theodora Frijlinck.

  1. Adeline Theodora Boll b. 12-12-1908 in Makassar, d. ?. Married Willem Marius Mast. Nothing further kown.
  2. Emilia Wilhelmina Thera Boll b. 13-11-1913 in Nijmegen, d. ? Nothing further known.
  3. Valeria Geertruida Andringa Boll b. 9-7-1915 in Mook, d.?-Nothing further known.
Laurens van Erpecum
Married to (1) Catharina Petronella Dina Cornelia Kijdsmeir (b. 30-7-1875 in Batavia, d. 25-6-1943 in Den Haag) on 28th July 1913 at Surabaya. No information on children.
Married to (2) Catharina Fol (b. 14-2-1888 in Jogjakarta, d.?) on 2nd November 1943 at Den Haag. No information on children.
Laurens & Catharina returned to The Netherlands on 13th May 1939.

Willem van Erpecum
Married to Francisca Josephina Eleonra Fickel on 7th July 1915 in Surabaya.
He was an agent of the Nederlands Indische Handelsbank in Indramayu.

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