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Descendants of Victor Louis TOWNSEND

Victor Louis Townsend first married Sarah Ann Winn in 1882. Sarah Ann died in 1890, aged 29 years. They appear to have had 3 children:
  • William Townsend (?-1900)
  • Alma Chew Townsend (1884-1907)
  • Edwin Louis (1887-1913). 
    I have found a newspaper clipping from 1884, which states that Victor Townsend had a stud poultry farm at Pimpama at that time.

    Victor next married Daisy Ferrars Shirley in 1898, and it appears they divorced some time before 1925. Daisy was the daughter of John Shirley and Emily Day. John Shirley was a noted teacher and school inspector in Queensland. Until 1914 , they had 10 children; others might have been born after 1914.
    • Claude Townsend (1898-after 1949)
    • Colin Townsend (1900-after 1964)
    • Garnet Townsend (22-10-1901-1957
    • Ina Townsend (1903-?)
    • Mabel Townsend (1905-?) Birth registration incorrectly transcribed as "Isabel"
    • Enid Townsend (1907-?)
    • Beryl Townsend (1908-?)
    • Olive Townsend (1909-?)
    • Owen Townsend (1911-after 1964)
    • Donald Townsend (1913-after1964)

    Victor Louis (dairyman) and Daisy Ferrars Townsend are listed in the 1903 electoral roll as residing at Stanmore, Beenleigh. In 1905, 1908, 1913, and 1919, they are at Wharf Street, Beenleigh. Victor Louis is alone at Coffey’s, Cordelia Street, South Brisbane in 1925 with no occupation given. Daisy Ferrars Townsend is registered in 1925 in Wharf Street, Beenleigh. There is no registration for Daisy Ferrars Townsend after that date. There are, however, registrations for Daisy Ferrars Wilkie at Wharf Street, Beenleigh, for 1936 and 1937, but with no male of that surname at that address.

    Daisy Ferrars Townsend married James Wilkie in 1926. A James Wilkie, son of James Wilkie and Elizabeth Whittet, died in 1927.

    Victor Louis was buried in Toowong Cemetery on 11th October 1933. He shares a grave with James Little and Edward Vincent White.

    1. Claude Townsend married May Cecilia Jones (actually, Cecilia May Jones) in 1922. She was born in 1897, the daughter of Henry Frederick Jones and Mary Ella Delaney. The 1925 electoral roll has Claude and Cecilia May residing at the corner of Churchill and Ferry Streets, Maryborough, with Claude’s occupation given as teacher. By 1930, they had moved to Nebo. In 1936, they appear to have been transferred to Woongarra, near Bundaberg, where we can find them again in 1937 and 1943. In 1949, their Woongarra address is given as Barolin Street or Road. They do not appear in the 1954 electoral roll, but death registrations cannot be found in the Queensland BMD. There are no clues as to whether they had children.
    2. Colin Townsend enlisted in the army in 27th September 1918 and was discharged on 28th December 1918. At the time, he was a telephonist with the Postmaster General (PMG) and was living in Beenleigh. In 1932, he married Jean Elizabeth Smart. She was born in 1905, the daughter of Edward Lithgow Smart and Emma Jessie Hunt. The 1925 electoral roll has him living at the Police Station, Main Street, Wooloongabba, with the rank of constable. He must have given the policing away, as in 1930 he is residing at “Maybanke”, Herries Street, Toowoomba, with occupation given as public servant. In 1937, he and Jean Elizabeth can be found at Nathan Terrace, Yeerongpilly. Strangely, in that same year, they are also registered at the corner of Friday and Alfred Streets, Sandgate. Vote early and vote often? By 1943, they had moved to Glen Retreat Road, Michelton, where we find them again in 1949. 1954 sees Colin, alone, back in Toowoomba at 268 South Street, still a public servant. That year, Jean Elizabeth is still registered at Glen Retreat Road. No death registration can be found for Colin, so it is likely that he lived beyond 1964. Jean Elizabeth is buried in Toowoomba Cemetery.
    3. Garnet Townsend married Alice Mary Bahr in 1932. She was born in 1906, the daughter of August Carl Ferdinand Bahr and Maria Auguste Beitz. These being Beenleigh people, we can surmise that this is the family which gave rise to the locality name “Bahr’s Scrub”. The 1925 electoral roll places Garnet Townsend, police constable, at the Innisfail police station. In 1936 Garnet is a traveller, living in Beenleigh while Alice Mary is registered as a labourer at Main Street, Beenleigh. They have moved to Burleigh Heads in 1937, Garnet is now a foreman, and Alice Mary has given up labouring for home duties. In1943, they are located at 40 Chester Road, Annerley, and Garnet is a soldier (QX52229, enlisted 30-9-1943, discharged 19-9-1945, Staff Sergeant). 1949 sees them at Webster Road, Stafford, and Garnet is a works foreman. Oddly enough, Garnet and Alice Mary are also registered that year at Dixon Street, New Farm, and Garnet is described as a surveyor. They are firmly ensconced at Webster Road, Stafford in 1954, with Garnet listed as a works foreman.
    4. Ina Townsend has no marriage registration before 1934. She is located in Beenleigh in the 1925 electoral roll, and in 1943 she is registered at 15 Edmonstone Street, South Brisbane, receptionist. There are no registrations under that name after 1943, so it is possible that she married.
    5. Mabel Townsend - Married William Norman Fowles, lived in Roma, QLD. Later married Arthur Raven at the retirement home in  Sandgate. No children.
    6. Enid Townsend has no marriage registration before 1934. The 1936 electoral roll places her at Haraldene, Wharf Street, Beenleigh. There are no Enid Townsend registrations beyond that date, so it appears that she married.
    7. Beryl Townsend married James Thomas Carmody in Camp Hill, Brisbane in November 1933. He was born in 1902, the son of John Thomas and Mary Saunders. In 1936, James Thomas (police constable) and Beryl Carmody are at Longueval Street, Clifton Hill, Yeerongpilly, and in 1937 they are living at Bennett’s Road, Coorparoo. 1943 and 1949 sees them at Albert Street, Annerley. They have moved to 38 Bunya Street, Greenslopes, in 1954. James had not yet risen above the rank of constable at that time. Note: I have since found the Courier Mail report of the wedding, and a photo of Beryl. I will add them at some stage.)
    8. Olive Townsend has no marriage registration before 1934. The 1936 electoral roll has her at Haroldene, Beenleigh, as does the 1937 roll. There are no Olive Townsend registrations beyond that date, so it appears that she married.
    9. Owen Townsend has no marriage registration before 1934, but by 1943 he is married to Beryl Algar Moore. The 1936 electoral roll has him at Wharf Street, Beenleigh, occupation labourer. In 1937, he is a constable residing at the Valley Police Station, corner of Brookes and Church Streets. By 1943, he and Beryl Algar Townsend are at 106 Herston Road, Kelvin Grove, and Owen is still a police constable. They are registered at Vindex Street, Winton, in 1949; Owen still hasn’t been promoted. 1954 sees a promotion to sergeant for Owen and transfer to the Police Station, Goodna.
    10. Donald Townsend has no marriage registration before 1934, but Donald married Heather ? sometime between 1943 and 1949. The 1936 and 1937 electoral rolls show him at May Street, Roma, employed as a labourer. In 1943, there is a Donald Townsend at Irving Terrace, Kelvin Grove, labourer and at 49 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane, labourer. Donald and Heather Townsend are registered at Arthur Street, Roma, in 1949; Donald is a bridge carpenter. In 1954, occupations are unchanged but they are residing at 84 Edward Street, Roma.


    1. Victor Louis TOWNSENDwas an inspector for council at St Andrew's Church in Brisbane.

      Children of Victor Louis TOWNSEND and Sarha Ann WINN:
      - Alma Chew TOWNSEND was born on 5th August 1884
      - Edwin Louis TOWNSEND was born on 27th June 1887, Pimpana Creek, Queensland, died on 31st January 1913 of a fractured skull in horse accident driving cows
      - William TOWNSEND was born on 18th March 1900

      Daisy Ferrars SHIRLEY was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England in 1871. She was a music teacher.

    2. Colin TOWNSEND was Supervisor at Clark Dept of Social Services and died in a road accident on 17th July 1987.

    3. Garnet TOWNSEND was an inspector of main roads. He had a good tenor voice. Died of a heart attack while singing in the shower on 12th April 1957.

    4. Ina TOWNSEND was born on 10th May 1903 in Brisbane. She married Owen O'BRIEN who died in 1962. They had no children.
      Ina TOWNSEND died in England on 28th July 1985.

    5. Mabel (Isabel?) TOWNSEND was born in Brisbane on 14th February 1905 and died on 29th May 1985. She married William Norman FOWLES who died in 1963. She suffered a miscarriage and had no other children.

    6. Enid TOWNSEND was born in Brisbane on 23rd December 1906 and died on 16th July 1979. She married Alexander William OHMSEN who died on 12th December 1982.

    7. Beryl TOWNSEND was born in Brisbane on 7th July 1908 and died on 16 July 1979. According to my records James Thomas CARMODY was born on 12th December 1901 and died 16th March 1983.
      They had five children.

    8. Olive TOWNSEND was born in Brisbane on 17th June 1909 and died in Brisbane on 6th June 1991.

    9. Owen TOWNSEND was born in Beenleigh, Logan City, on 5th Spetember 1911 and died 21st July 1991. He was a police officer. He married Beryl Algar MOORE on 14th February 1942.
      They had three children.

    10. Donald TOWNSEND was born in Brisbane on 2nd March 1913 and died on 21st January 1989. He married Heather BECK. He was a railroad carpenter. The had four children.

    11. Wow! I am deeply indebted to you for all this extra info, Thomas. Sorry I've taken a while to respond, but I put this project aside for a while when I came out of hospital.

    12. Owen Townsend was married to Beryl Algar Moore, on the 14th of February 1942 at St. Andrew's Church, Wooloowin, Brisbane. He had a son John, born on the 15th of December 1942 and twin daughters Janis and Joan, born on the 13th of July 1949 at Winton North Queensland. He was stationed at Goodna for 10 years, a well respected policeman in the town. He passed away on the 21st of July 1991.

      Also, Olive died on the 6th of June 1991.


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    14. FYI- Beryl TOWNSEND was born in Brisbane on 7th July 1908 and died on 1st September, 1989. James Thomas CARMODY was born on 12th December 1901 and died 16th March 1983. They had five children, Ronald, Kevin, Gloria Kay, Fay Mary and Beverley Beryl. Beryl and Jim are now interned at Mount Thompson Memorial Garden, Mount Gravatt. Kevin died in 2009. I have a picture of William Townsend, Clementina Townsend, Victor, Daisy and Family, if you are interested. Thanks Angela xo

    15. My name is Shaun . Garnet Townsend is my Grandfather, although i didn't know him he died 6 years before i was born, my mother is Shirley Fay Townsend/Healy. It was so nice to read about my Mum's family so much information. Thank you.

    16. Sorry folks, I have not been paying as much attention to this as I should. Been slightly unwell, and busy with Historical Society things at the same time.

      All this information is much appreciated.

    17. My name is Sandra Hodson my grandparents are Enid Townsend and Alexender Ohmsen Thank you so much for hard work in finding all this information