Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More about the Queensland Townsends

As more and more of the Queensland newspapers of the early 20th century come on-line for viewing, we can discover more of the 'doings' of Townsend descendants in this state.

It would seem that George Robert, in his position as Superintendent of Labour, was much exercised by the unemployment problems of Queensland, and the provision of labour to attempt to clear the infestations of prickly pear (cactus) which were covering much agricultural land. Mrs G R Townsend and young Noel Townsend appeared to be busy finding and donating material to the Brisbane Hospital and the Children's Hospital.

Mr V Townsend (Louis Victor) was breeding prize-winning poultry.

The reports on the death and  inquest into the death of Edwin Louis Townsend reveal that he was married to Annie Wilhelmina Zingelmann in 1912.

I'm sure there's much more to come.

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