Thursday, April 15, 2010

More about descendants of Austin Edward and Diedja Townsend

A very big "Welcome" to Jeffrey, our newest follower. From information supplied by Jeff, it would appear that Austin Edward and Diedja produced a second daughter, Marianne Angela Edmunde Townsend born on 14th March, 1894. She appears on the 1895 Naamlijst, Batavia, supplied by Jeffrey; Isabella Mary is also on that list.

We know that Austin Edward died in March 1895, so now the hunt is on for a date of death for Diedja. Thomas has information that Isabella Mary was an 'orphan' under the guardianship of  a William Theodore (or Theodoor) Townsend at the time of her marriage in 1911.

(Later) Jeffrey has supplied photographs of Marianne ("Mary") and her husband, Jules Charles Circkens. 

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