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Descendant List, Edward James TOWNSEND

Colour coded:
Children of Edward James and Cornelia Johanna
Grandchildren of Edward James and Cornelia Johanna
Great-Grandchildren of Edward James and Cornelia Johanna
Great-Great-Grandchildren of Edward James and Cornelia Johanna

Edward James TOWNSEND (1789, Islington – 1841, Padang)
m. Cornelia Johanna DEDERINGH (1790 - 1860) 20 May 1807, Padang West Sumatra.
1. William TOWNSEND (Padang, West Sumatra, 6th June 1810 - 11th August, 1893 at Mango Cottage, Sandgate) - Detailed list of descendants to follow.
m. (1) Clementina Cecilia Sophia CHEW (Calcutta, 18th February 1812 – 17th June 1862, Padang) Calcutta, 4th March 1832
1. Isabella Cornelia TOWNSEND b: 15 Feb 1833, Calcutta, West Bengal, India, d: 22 Jan 1836, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia
2. Eduard TOWNSEND b: 21 Jun 1834, Soerabaja (Surabaya), Java, Indonesia, d: 29 Jan 1835, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia
3. Euphemia Clementina TOWNSEND b: 13 May 1835, Sumatra's Westkust (Padang), Indonesia, d: 11 Jan 1913, Den Haag, The Netherlands. Married, with descendants.
4. William Roger TOWNSEND b: 17 Sep 1837, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia, d: 2 Apr 1863, Sumatra’s Westkust (Afdeeling Priaman), Indonesia
5. Louisa Cecilia TOWNSEND b: 25 Jul 1840, d: 8 Jun 1929, Buitenzorg (Bogor), Java, Indonesia. Married, 12 children, with living descendants.
6. Isabella Sophia TOWNSEND b: 19 Sep 1841, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia, d: 6 Dec 1841, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia
7. Maria Augusta TOWNSEND b: 3 Oct 1842, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia, chr: 8 Jan 1843; d: 16 Jun 1926, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Married, with descendants.
8. Austin Edward TOWNSEND b: 17 May 1844, Calcutta, West Bengal, India, d: 15 Mar 1895, Batavia (Buitenzorg, now known as Bogor), Java, Indonesia. Married (twice) with descendants.
9. Clementine Rosalie TOWNSEND b: 7 Jun 1845, Calcutta, West Bengal, India, d: 1888, Prince Of Wales Island. Married, divorced and re-married.
10. Henry John TOWNSEND b: 14 Apr 1847, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia.
11. Edwin James TOWNSEND b: 24 Oct 1848, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia, d: 1895, Coen, Queensland. Migrated to Queensland 6 Aug 1866, Netherby/City of Melbourne.
12. George Robert TOWNSEND b: 8 Jun 1850, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Migrated to Queensland 6 Aug 1866, Netherby/City of Melbourne. Married, with descendants.
13. Isabella Rachel TOWNSEND b: 19 Feb 1852, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Migrated to Queensland 6 Aug 1866, Netherby/City of Melbourne. Married, with descendants. Died 1931, Eventide Home, Sandgate, Brisbane
14. Mary Catharine TOWNSEND b: 6 Dec 1853, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Migrated to Queensland 6 Aug 1866, Netherby/City of Melbourne. Married, with descendants. Died 24 Jan 1944, Brisbane.
15. Cecilia Jemenria TOWNSEND b: 2 Oct 1854, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Married.
16. Victor Louis TOWNSEND b: 8 Jan 1856, Sumatra’s Westkust (Padang), Indonesia. Migrated to Queensland 6 Aug 1866, Netherby/City of Melbourne. Married, with descendants. Died October 1933, Brisbane Hospital.
m. (2) Adelina Jessey MAIDMAN (Padang, 19th September 1836 - Batavia (Jakarta), 23rd May 1926) Padang, 18th June 1864
1. Letitia Wilhelmine TOWNSEND (Padang, 31st March 1865 – Padang, 19th September 1934). Married with descendants.
m. (3) Elizabeth Salmon THOMAS ( ) 20th February 1872, Brisbane
1. William Ambrose TOWNSEND (1872, probably at Brighton - April 1928)
2. Charles Thomas Townsend (1874, probably at Brighton - 25th October 1921 , Gympie)
3. Frances Marie Townsend (1876, probably at Brighton - 20th September 1962, Eventide, Sandgate)
2. Mary Anne TOWNSEND, born 1813, d.1855
m. Francois Adolf EMBRECHTS (b. 7-2-1802, Antwerp, d. 3-7-1857, Brussels) 1833, Padang.
3. Ian Gibson TOWNSEND, b. 21 June 1817
4. James Gibson TOWNSEND, b. 21st June 1817, Padang, d, 25th February 1882, Padang
m. (1) Johanna Maria BOUMAN (b.22-6-1826, d. 1856, Padang), 14th September, 1843
1. Edward James TOWNSEND (b. 8-10-1844, Padang, d. 16-3-1934, Bandung)
m. (1) Mary Megchelina van Zadelhoff (24-6-1851-????), Rembang,  28-11-1869
1. Hendrik Bastiaan TOWNSEND (b. 14-2-1873, Muara Kumpah, d.22-3-1945, s’Gravehage)
m. Catherina Carib van HALL (b.10-8-1877, Pekalongan, d.4-7-1937, Leiden) 8-6-1901, Surakarta
m. (2) Geertruida Christina Wilhelmia ANGENENT (b. 10-8-1863, Weltervreden, d.????) Haarlem, 7-11-1888. (Widow of Gijsbertus Hendrik van ZADELHOFF (1858-1884), m. 1883)

1. Herman Hendrik Frederik TOWNSEND (????-????, Brussels)  
2. John Savage TOWNSEND (b. 6-6-1847, Padang, d.????)
m. Louisa WAANDERS (4-5-1849, Batavia -????) Batavia, 1-4-1868
1. Louisa Caecilia TOWNSEND (23-6-1868, Batavia – 1935, Batavia)
m. Lambertus Martinus GOEDHART (2-10-1865, Madiun - 19-6-1909, Semarang) Batavia, 6-9-1892.
1. Wilhelmina Maria Johanna GOEDHART (24-7-1898, Batavia, -????)
m. Anton Willem van KRIEKEN (26-5-1901, Surakarta, - 26-10-1949, Medan) 18-8-1920, Surabaya 

  Sebastiaan Townsend (22-8-1848, Padang, - 28-9-1849, Padang)
  Bastiaan Townsend (27-2-1850, Padang – 12-7-1855, Padang)

(These latter two may be spurious entries)
m. (2) Johanna Carolina STRAHL (1831-????), 5th November 1859 in Padang. (Widow of Johan Michiel Ammers van der HEIDJE (-1858))
1. James Edward TOWNSEND (8-11-1860, Padang - 2-6- 1905, Padang (or 28-12-1898, Semarang))
m. Johanna Wilhelmina KORNMAN (31-5-1865, Troessan, Padang -????) Padang, 26-3-1885
1. Charles Frederic TOWNSEND (10-6-1887, Padang - 30-10-1919)
m. Christina Wilhelmina van OS (3-7-1895, Ternate -????), 16-5-1913, Sawah Loento
1. James Ernst Frederic TOWNSEND (28-3-1914, Sawah Loento -???)
2. v.a. TOWNSEND (stillborn - vruchtafdrijvend)
3. Leopold Victor TOWNSEND (19-8-1895, Padang - 2-8-1896, Padang)
4. Helena Albertine TOWNSEND (1898, Gunung Sitoli, Nias - ) (confirmation received, see comment below)
2. Johanna Maria TOWNSEND (27-5-1863, Padang - 30-7-1870, Padang)
3. Caroline Catherine TOWNSEND (27-5-1865, Padang - 1929, Batavia)
m. Rutger Edwards van MUIJEN (????-29-10-1909, Padang) Padang, 10-3-1883 (widower)
4. Edmund Edward James TOWNSEND (6-3-1868, Padang – 10-12-1908, Meester Cornelis)
m. Naatje Johanna Mathilde SMIT (24-11-1872, Bengkulu – 28-1-1927, Meester Cornelis) 30-11-1908, Meester Cornelis
5. Maria Megchelina Mary Townsend (1-3-1870, Padang -????)
m. Gerardus Hendrikus Josephus van MEURS, 3-8-1907, Batavia
6. Robert James Townsend (1871, Pariaman – 19-11-1929).
m. Eugenie Helene HOLTZAPFFEL (18-12-1876, Padang – 28-8-1942, Padang) 1900, Padang
1. Louise Caroline Cornelia Townsend (2-1-1902, Padang, - 22-4-1928, Padang)
2. James Edward “Nyoti” Townsend (2-6-1904, Padang – 26-6-1944, Malacca Straits) (KNIL POW of Japanese, ship torpedoed by HMS Truculent.)
3. Robertine Eugenie Townsend (4-1-1906, Padang -????, Den Haag)
4. Letitia Townsend (27-11-1907, Padang – 24-11-1910. Padang)
5. Willem Jan Townsend (9-2-1909, Padang -????, Den Haag)
6. Carlijn Townsend (26-5-1912, Padang – 16-12-1915, Padang)
7. Stillborn Twin Female (1-9-1913, Padang – 1-9-1913, Padang)
8. Suse Townsend (1-9-1913, Padang – 1-8-1945, Bangkinang Labour Camp)
9. Robert Edmund Johan Townsend (?-9-1914, Padang, - 19-11-1914, Padang)
10. Els “Elly” Townsend (b.????, Padang, d.????, Den Haag)
5. Samuel TOWNSEND, b. 21st June 1817, d. 1-1-1839, Banka.
6. Magdalena Christina TOWNSEND, b. 24th August 1824, d. 24th July 1864
m. Jacobus IJZENHOED-GREVELINK (b. 1811, Amsterdam – d. 30-10-1888, Arnhem) 18th January 1843, Padang
1. Cornelia Magdalena IJZENHOED-GREVELINK (b. 19-5-1844, Padang, d. 3-12-1919)
2. Edward James IJZENHOED-GREVELINK (b. 26-12-1845, Padang, d. 13-12-1937)
3. William Henrij IJZENHOED-GREVELINK (b.5-12-1847, Padang, d. 18-3-1888, Padang)
4. Henrij IJZENHOED-GREVELINK (b. 22-10-1849, Padang, d. ????)
5. George IJZENHOED-GREVELINK (b.14-8-1851, Padang, d. ????)
7. Edward James Townsend, b. 1825, d. 30th November 1865
m. (1) Anna Constantia ARMSTRONG, 30th November 1853
m. (2) Julia, name, place and date unknown.


  1. "1. James Edward TOWNSEND (8-11-1860, Padang - 2-6- 1905, Padang (or 28-12-1898, Semarang))
    m. Johanna Wilhelmina KORNMAN (31-5-1865, Troessan, Padang -????) Padang, 26-3-1885
    1. Charles Frederic TOWNSEND (10-6-1887, Padang - 30-10-1919)
    m. Christina Wilhelmina van OS (3-7-1895, Ternate -????), 16-5-1913, Sawah Loento"

    Do you have any infomration on a Helena Albertine Townsend? She was born 2 Jun 1898.

    She is my great grandmother and her mother's maiden name was Kornman, but that is all I know about her parentage. I have all her decendents if you want them. Thanks again!

  2. In looking at the details of the people in your comment, I discovered a mistake but have now corrected it. James Edward and Johanna Wilhelmina had a second child, between Charles Frederic and Leopold Victor, but we have been unable to discover any details yet. There were other Townsend families in the Nederlands Indies at the time.

    I'll see what I can find.

  3. I have put Helena Albertine in as a possibe 4th child of this couple. "v.a." for the second child means, I think, stillborn (vruchtafdrijvend).

  4. This site
    Throws up some interesting information. Elisabeth KORNMAN (1833) married the brother of Captain William Townsend's second wife, Adelina Jessie MAIDMEN.

    On the balance of probabilities, I am inclined to accept that Helena Albertine TOWNSEND was the daughter of James Edward TOWNSEND and Johanna Wilhelmina KORNMAN. There are no other obvious marriages between Townsend and Kornman around that time and place, and Helena's birth date fits well with the other children.

    1. Ok, I found from an Aunt's Cousin that Helena Townsend was from Austria not Indonesia, originally. She has only a copy of her mother's birth cert listing a Maximillian Josef Kornman as the "clerk of the controller"(roughly translating the dutch) with Helena and Wilhemus as the parents. I am trying to get a physical copy of that, but it doesn't really help with Helena's origins.
      Does the Austria link help at all?

    2. Johanna Wilhelmina Kronman's brother was Maximilan Josef Kornman, according to Ron van der Wal's information. If, as you have in another place, Helena Albertine Townsend was born on 2nd June 1898, that fits with the birth of someone of that name in Gunung Sitoli, Nias, that Jeff Circkens has found. The Austria connection doesn't ring any bells.

    3. If you go to you can find more info about the Kornman family.

      Johanna Wilihelmina's mother was not Goe Nio Tjia but Wilhelmina Henrijetta Johanna Knollaert, the second spouse.

  5. Still working this out. I have asked some relatives in indonesia to look the records up for me. I have a couple of aunts who swear that Helena was half indonesian and that her mother was full blood and she was one of about 14 children... It is amazing how stories from the same family can be so different! I found a Robert Townsend who had an indonesian wife, but nothing about children for them yet.

  6. Just saw this.

    "6. Robert James Townsend (1871, Pariaman – 19-11-1929).
    m. Eugenie Helene HOLTZAPFFEL (18-12-1896, Padang – 28-8-1942, Padang) 1900, Padang"

    Eugenie would have been 4 years old when they married???

    1. Checked. 1896 should be somewhere between 1876 and 1878. Stated 22 years at time of marriage, which suggests 1877 but other sources say born in 1876 and one says "about 1878"

  7. Hello Geoff!!!
    I will be recieving an electronic copy/image of Helena Albertine Townsend's marriage certificate which names the parents as follows:

    Wilhelmus Franciscus Jansen, 24 years old, born in The Hague, hotelowner, living in Padang, son of Frans Jansen-deceased and Clementine Rosalia Zezula
    Helena Albertine Townsend, 19 years old, born in Goenoengsitoli on the isle of Nias (a isle West from Padang), without profession, living in Padang, daughter of James Edward Townsend -deceased and Johanna Wilhelmina Kornmann.
    do you want me to email you a copy? I need an address. mine is degan2011 at

    1. Thanks for the offer, but the confirmation of the information is sufficient for my needs. Maybe one of the others, more closely related, might be interested.

  8. Ok. Would you care for names of their decendents?

  9. I would love a descendants list.

    1. Hi Geoff... just looking this up again.. wow how time flies. Did I ever send you the list of dependents?

  10. Hi =)
    I found this blog while working on my family tree. I am a descendant of Townsend and am currently working on that part of my tree.
    My grandmother was Constance Townsend; her father was Hendrik B Townsend and her great grandfather was Edward J Townsend.
    My Townsend tree goes like this:
    Edward J Townsend ->James G Townsend ->Edward J Townsend ->Henrik B Townsend ->Constance Townsend ->Carel Peter Hordijk ->Eleanor Hordijk (married name: Andersen). I've been able to trace Cornelia's family back a bit but haven't found any info on Edward James' parents yet. :/ Anyway, it was cool to come across this blog.

    1. Hi!
      I am trying to get in touch with the children/decedents of Constance Townsend as I am hoping to share and find out more information regarding the years she and her husband, general consul Thomas Tull, spent in Sweden. I would be ever so grateful if you could contact me!

  11. Please make contact with
    Peter De Decker married to Geertruida Augusta Hordijk. She knew Constance Townsend personnaly.

  12. Hi Megan - are you the Megan from the English school in Gothenburg? If you are then please let me know as I think you posted this before we got in touch in August in which case you already know everything that you wanted to know.

  13. Sorry the entry of unknown re: Townsend is from the daughter of Constance G Tull (nee Townsend)!