Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting close to the end

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Well, with the recent information added in, I have got to the point where I think I can give a very good talk to our Historical Society on the life, times, and descendants of the good Captain William Townsend. I do wish that I had more access to information residing in the Netherlands, but you can't have everything.

Yesterday, I sat down and compiled descendants lists for Edward James Townsend and William Townsend. I have a stock of the old 8.5" x 11" continuous paper, and after discovering that my printer can handle a page size of 8.5" x 22", set that. Edward James, with all the children of William (but no further descendants) will fit on 8.5 x 22, but the known (to me) descendants of William used up some 55" of paper.

There are still gaps.

We do not have the later generations of the ANDRE-WILTENS family. (Descended from Euphemia Clementina TOWNSEND.)
We don't know if William Roger TOWNSEND has any descendants.
Thomas is looking after the VOGLER and ELINK-SCHUURMAN descendants of Louisa Cecilia TOWNSEND and Maria Augusta TOWNSEND.
There could easily be more SADEE and COMPANJEN descendants of Maria Augusta TOWNSEND.
Ron and Jeffrey are looking after the descendants of Austin Edward TOWNSEND and Diedja.There could be a few more descendants of Austin Edward TOWNSEND and Suzanna Sara van der VLIST out there in Ermelo and, possibly, New Zealand.
Henry John TOWNSEND is still a bit of a blank slate, but if he is the Henri John TOWNSEND that Thomas discovered legal references to, then maybe he stayed single.
There are a few gaps in the later generations of RAFF descendants of Isabella Rachel TOWNSEND, and I will keep looking for them.
Similarly, DAVIDSON descendants of Mary Catherine TOWNSEND.
The van ERPECUM and BOLL descendants of Letitia Wilhelmine TOWNSEND are worthy of a little more research.

And that is about it. I am in contact with some TOWNSEND descendants here in Queensland, and know where to find others.

So. now that I have started this and, in the process, found a number of enthusiastic TOWNSEND researchers here and in the Netherlands, it might be time to move onto another project. (In truth, I have been researching SMILEY and WYBORN families over the past week or so in response to a letter to our Society. That was interesting, too.)

So, this will stay open. Over time I will go back to earlier posts and add in information that wasn't available at the time. However, anyone stumbling across this is welcome to contact me or leave comments, and I'm sure Thomas, Ron and Jeffrey will keep adding comments.


And, of course, there was the high point of finding the famous portrait of Madame Elink-Schuurman that so many in Australia had thought was lost.

Oh dear, now I've found Jeffrey's page with some info to help with the odd gap in my list of descendants of Edward James TOWNSEND!

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