Monday, February 8, 2010

Keep on Digging

As the search goes on, new sites 'pop up' with the occasional snippet of information that you hadn't heard before. Today, I found 
which adds the information that Suse Townsend, who appears to have died in Bangkinang interment camp (Riau) just a few days before liberation, was married to Terry Meurs. Her brother, James Edward Townsend, was in the KNIL (Dutch Army in the Netherlands Indies), was taken prisoner, and was lost with over 700 other internees when their ship was torpedoed in Malacca Straits by a British submarine, the HMS Truculent. 26 June 1944. There is also a photograph of their father, Robert James Townsend and their mother, Eugenie Helene Holtzapffel on .

James Edward Townsend's widow, Mana Pikir, departed Tanjung Priok in the TSS Captain Cook, bound for Holland, in 1958.

So, the more you dig, the more you find.

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