Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Death of William Townsend - Newspaper Clippings

Brisbane Courier, 12 August 1893

Brisbane Courier, 14 August 1893
Note that Adelina is not included in the number of marriages.

Brisbane Courier, 15 August 1893.


  1. Thank you for contacting me Geoff and making me aware of this blog. I have a photograph of Captian Townsends headstone which my husband took at the Bald Cemetery in October 2011. I've not belonged to any blogs before so I'm not sure how to attach the photo here. I'd be happy to send it to you if you'd like a copy.

  2. Glad we have made contact. I think we have a copy of a photo of his headstone at the Historical Society, but thanks for the offer. Did you know that Capt Townsend was heavily involved in the establishment of the Bald Hills cemetery? I have a copy of his letter to the Minister for Lands, with attached minutes of the meeting where the Trustees were appointed. I will transcribe and put in the blog.