Saturday, April 21, 2012

Important Message

Readers please note that this blog was started quite some time ago. Inevitably, some of the information posted will have been, at best, slightly erroneous or, at worst, completely wrong. Many corrections and much supporting information has been supplied by descendants or connections of the Townsend family. These have generally been left in the Comments section, with few corrections made to the original text.

However, the off-line document has been reworked may times to incorporate the new and amended information.

Descendants of Captain William Townsend and his associated families are welcome to contact me direct at geoffreydotdrewatbigponddotcom (make the necessary corrections in the email address) to obtain a copy in .pdf format. Unfortunately, the document contains details of living persons, so I cannot make it available to the casual researcher. One day, I will sift through it and remove such detail so that it can be made more widely accessible.

Many thanks to those who have followed this journey into the life and times of a very interesting man, and considerable gratitude to those who have contributed the lives of their particular branch.


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