Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Even More Checking

I came across an oddity in the list of the children of Louisa Cecilia Townsend and Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Vogler.

There is something odd here; the birth date for Karl William Maximilliaan Vogler is generally given as 6th April 1870, in Padang, but this is nigh on impossible because Isabella Maria’s birth date is usually given as 30th March 1870, Wiesbaden. A birth in Padang suggests a much earlier date, as the family left for Germany around 1864-1865. I would suggest 6th April 1860 as Karl William’s date of birth.

Also, there seems to have been a sojourn in Ambon in 1865, as George Vogler is said to have been born and died there, even though Harriet Clementine Vogler is said to have died in June 1864 in Batavia while the family was waiting for the boat home to Germany.

Ron/Jeff/Thomas, could you please check your records on these individuals?


  1. Okay Geoff, done and found something intresting.

    Wakidjah, geboren te Semarang (Indonesiƫ) omstreeks 1903,
    zonder beroep, wonende te Amsterdam, provincie Noord-Holland,
    weduwe van Vogler, Karl William Maximilian, met bepaling
    dat aan verzoekster de geslachtsnaam „Wakidjah" en de
    voornaam „Maria" worden verleend.
    Source: Please see email.

    1. Hi Geoff, greatings. I will send 2 cpies.

      Also greatings to the other members.


  2. No email yet, Jeff.

    I also found something of an error the other day in one of your on-line family tree. You have mixed up two people with the same name. Lambertus Martinus Goedhart.

    I have written: "Isabella Mary Townsend
    Married to Saronus Alphonsus Hendrinus Goedhart (26-`11-1892, Saparua - 18-6-1965, Almelo) on 5th July 1911 in Semarang . Saronus was the son of Hendrik Goedhart and Hendrina Frederika Pattiwael, and half brother to Lambertus Martinus Goedhart who married Louisa Cecelia Townsend."

    They had a son
    6. Lambertus Martinus Goedhart b, 17-7-1918 in Weltevreden, Batavia, d.18-10-1945 in Batavia.

    You have the younger Martinus mixed up with the older Martinus, by having the younger one marry the wife of the older one.

    "2. John Savage Townsend (b. 6-6-1847, Padang, d.????) married Louisa Waanders (4-5-1849, Batavia -????) in Batavia on 1-4-1868. One known child, Louisa Caecilia Townsend (23-6-1868, Batavia – 1935, Batavia) married in Batavia on 6-9-1892 to Lambertus Martinus Goedhart (2-10-1865, Madiun - 19-6-1909, Semarang). Lambertus was half brother to Saronus Alpohonsus Henrinus Goedhart who married Isabella Mary Townsend. One child, Wilhelmina Maria Johanna Goedhart (24-7-1898, Batavia, -????) married Anton Willem van Krieken (26-5-1901, Surakarta, - 26-10-1949, Medan) on 18-8-1920, Surabaya. "

  3. For those without Dutch:
    Wakidjah, born in Semarang (Indonesia) about 1903,
    without occupation, settled in Amsterdam, province of Noord-Holland, married to Vogler, Karl William Maximilian, on the condition that a request that her last name be "Wakidjah" and the forename
    "Maria" be conferred.

    (Hope I got it near right.)

  4. Dear Geoff, You are absolutely right that I quoted the birthdate of Karl William Maximilliaan VOGLER wrongly. I have just inherited the archives from my mother and will ned quite some time to check things. According to my records he was born in Padang, Sumatra, Nederlands Oost-Indiƫ on 11th April 1860. That would also fit the dates with his siblings better. I will let you know once as soon as I can provide proof.