Wednesday, June 1, 2011

At Long Last - the Death of Dr Paul

From The West Australian of 20th March, 1937. I've been looking for this for some time, and now it has appeared. Dr Paul was the husband of Captain Townsend's youngest daughter, Frances Marie. The fact that they were travelling to England to visit their daughter might exlpain why I have been experiencing difficulty in tracing Emily Gwendoline Elizabeth Paul. Now it might be possible to check the incoming UK passenger lists and such like in order to fill in some details.


  1. I too have a newspaper clipping of Dr Paul's death, as well as a copy of his death certificate. His son, William Noel Paul, was my maternal grandfather. I have various details and clippings, including birth, marriage and death certificates for various members of the family. I have birth, death and marriage certificated for Frances Marie Paul, nee Townsend. I am happy to share the information I have.

  2. Thanks, Judi. I have now replied to your e-mail. It is wonderful just how many people have now come across this blog and helped to fill in the missing detail. I had never expected to get to the living descendants of the good Captain when I started this.